2048 Map SethBling

Have you ever played the games on the internet? If you have, have you ever heard of the new tile sliding game called 2048? It is like the tile sliding puzzle games which you will have to twist each piece to get an image, do you like this game? If you do, you can find that game in the world of Minecraft as well in this awesome 2048 Map SethBling! There is nothing impossible for Minecraft! However it’s a really cool map which is made basely on the game 2048 on the internet. How can that game be applied into the world of Minecraft? Of course using some block building structure and some of the redstone cycle.

You can play this map like the actual one or the real 2048 game on the internet. If you love watching or seeing Redstone animation cycle which will work really smooth, so you have to check this map out! All the redstone cycle creation is so wonderfully worked. There should be no error or some bug glitches when played as well. Not only Redstone work, but there are also some command blocks. You will not only enjoy the game, but you will enjoy the very well design which will double most of the fun given too.

If you love playing tile sliding game, this 2048 Map SethBling is for you and heavily recommended and guaranteed for 100% fun given! I hope you have fun playing this map as well.

2048 Map SethBling Main Features

  • An amazing animation that is possibly made by command blocks and redstone cycle
  • You can play this map like the actual one or the real 2048 game on the internet

2048 Map SethBling Pros and Cons


  • This map is extremely wonderfully designed and detailed
  • An impressive map with smooth working for the redstone cycle
  • This map works 100% in the Vanilla version of Minecraft


  • This map is just the tile sliding game, don’t expect this map to have some more puzzle that use some creative and artist thinking to solve that
  • If you don’t like tile sliding game, this map is not your type though

How to install 2048 Map SethBling

  1. Download the map from the download link below, the name should be 2048 Map SethBling .rar
  2. Browse to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  3. Open saves folder
  4. Simply drag and drop the downloaded map into saves folder
  5. Close all folder
  6. Open up your game
  7. Select the map from the menu selection
  8. Done and have fun!
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