ACME Resource Pack

Unlike any other resource packs that are based on the hd resolution, this ACME Resource Pack gives you something fresh and new that you’ve never experienced before. With its ordinary and original which give the unique theme to the pack that will totally change the whole aspect of gameplay in the world of Minecraft.

ACME Resource Pack

ACME Resource Pack

ACME Resource Pack

ACME Resource Pack is a really interesting resource pack that comes up with so many resolution, basically was made for HD looking including 64x, 128x, 256x, 512x. As you can see, there are only those high resolution available, it might not be acceptable, but without HD resolution of the textures, this would look lame though. Forgot to mention that this is the pack made by hastypixels, all credits to the creator. Basically, this map is base on the Looney Tunes theme which most of the details are all animate and will entirely look like the combination between cartoony and a little bit of medieval.

It could be said that it’s trying to implement to animate the whole world to be in 1940s style. The use of color tones is brilliant. Of course, only the color tones used won’t give this perfect look to the pack, so it seriously took the heavy and tough requirements and tons of efforts for the designers and builders. Anyways, it’s totally worth it though. With this pack installed and implemented, you’d see how your world has changed completely to be more refreshing and will eventually give you the feel back then with the 1940s art style which is extremely appealing and unique. With this awesome visual style, you won’t feel bored of playing this, instead of that you will be even more enjoyable.

Because of the HD resolution, you will see how most of the details in this texture pack and designe heavily with the details put. Moreover, this pack’s purpose is also to focus on the concept of the Vanilla theme, so it won’t stray too far from that. You won’t believe that this kind of pack does exist in the world of Minecraft. Be sure to give this awesome ACME Resource Pack a go!

ACME Resource Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this resource pack is 64x, 128x, 256x, and 512x
  • This pack is based on the HD resolution which is inspire by the 1940s animation style
  • The whole world will completely change into something that look so cartoony with heavily detaile and a little bit of medieval involve

ACME Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • There are so many resolutions available as choices for you to choose playing with which all of them are in the high definition which you will get the heavy details applie to your world for whatever resolution you are going to use and implement to your game
  • The theme use in this pack is an awesome piece of art work that you won’t believe that this kind of resource pack is really exist
  • Everything is heavily detail for most of the items and blocks in-game


  • There are only high resolution resource packs for you to choose to play with
  • This pack heavily requires Optifine to install to your game first before having this pack install
  • It’s  too heavily detail as everything look so tight and might make you feel uncomfortable

How to install ACME Resource Pack

  1. Download ACME Resource Pack from the link download provided below
  2. Download Optifine and have it installed first
  3. Be sure that both files you downloaded are in the most compatible version
  4. Go to %appdata%
  5. Open in .minecraft folder
  6. Head into resourcepacks folder
  7. Copy and paste the downloaded resource pack file inside this folder
  8. All done and select the new pack in-game
  9. Have fun
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