Ad Inferos Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Are you thinking that the Nether is the boring place as you’ve really got nothing to do there except just for farming some glowstone, quartz ore and soul sand. Whatever the purpose is, you think it’s boring and it’s not worth to go there right? So, if you have this Ad Inferos Mod installed, will you still think the same?

Ad Inferos Mod

Ad Inferos Mod

Ad Inferos Mod is an awesome mod made by superdextor. This mod basically makes the Minecraft world become much more interesting which it focuses on the Nether. As most people have been complaining about the Nether is boring and it’s not worth going there. With this mod installed, you are going to see so many new changes and updates to that world. What you will actually see in the Nether will be included of new bosses, new dimension, new dungeons and many more. There is also a new item like a pocket worm hole which will set the location that you can teleport back to anytime that you want. Moreover, as there is a new dimension, there are also new ores added to the world as well including of Dimensional Ore and Netherite ore. You can also use those new ores to craft the new armors and weapons set which the Netherite one will make you run with the buff speed II which will make you run like a boss. There is a new item like the Withering Apple that will make you get withered once you eat it. Anyways, this is probably the best mod that you use to increase the content and add the new changes to the Nether world that will make it more worth it to go there.

If you really want something new added in to the Nether, this Ad Inferos Mod is a must for you. You are going to see so many new things that you have never found in the Vanilla Minecraft. Also, this mod doesn’t really stray too far from the concept of the game and it does even better than that as it provides new update for the Nether and make it more interesting.

Ad Inferos Mod Main Features

  • The Nether dimension has gotten an upgrade
  • There are new bosses can be found in the Nether
  • There is a new dimension added
  • There are new dungeons added and many more

Ad Inferos Mod Pros and Cons


  • With this mod installed, you are going to see so many new changes to the Nether dimension or the Nether world, whatever you call it. There will be new dimension in the Nether as well as many dungeons to them too.
  • You are going to see and fight the new bosses which are ridiculous fierce and pretty tough to defeat can be found in the Nether


  • Those who like the way the Nether is might not like the new upgrade or the new changes brought to you by this mod
  • This mod will work properly in only one condition which is install after you have Minecraft Forge installed to the game first

How to install Ad Inferos Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge with the latest version
  2. Download Ad Inferos Mod from the link download given below with the latest version as well
  3. Install Minecraft Forge first
  4. Install the mod by heading to .minecraft folder
  5. Start searching for %appdata% and go into .minecraft folder
  6. Open in mods folder
  7. Put the downloaded file into the mods folder
  8. Start the game and enjoy the new mod
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