Advanced Island Map

A new map that recently published called Advanced Island Map will feature such an intense and pretty high-quality of survival map based which will surely give the players quite a significant challenge with fun involved as well. Let’s see how you can adapt your survival skills through a tough test that you’ve never experienced before.

Advanced Island Map

Advanced Island Map

Advanced Island Map is a really interesting map based on the survival maps. This map is quite different from any other maps even if it looks like skyblock related, but there are lots of very cool and unique features provided in this map. One of the features that I really like about is the fact that you can actually alter the map according to your preferences which is really independent. When start playing this map or when it’s just loaded up, you will find yourself on an island without any lands below which is pretty much like what you’ve played with skyblock map. What you can do in this map that is so common is that you are allotted an island size of 100×100 blocks which is a pretty ample amount and allows you to utilize and put them together. For what has just mentioned will really help to enhance the gameplay experience and even give an extra flavor to the standard gameplay as well. Even if this map takes place in a rather tiny floating island, but you can do whatever you like with this island, you might want to spread and branch it to a bigger island or even a whole new world. Use your survival skills and any other aspects experience that you have earned from playing this game for so long and adapt it to your style and create your own dream world.

This map can be played either single-player or multi-player with two or more players depending on your preference. If you are going to play with this Advanced Island Map for more than one player, there is an advantage for that as you can have extra fun with the enjoyable PvP arena where either players or more than that could utilize to go against one another in an intense matches. Hope you like it.

Advanced Island Map Main Features

  • This map is based on survival maps
  • You can sell and buy items in a shop available in the map
  • There are two PvPs, spawn, parkour, Vip Pig, Vip Cow which can be brought in the shop
  • There are three events including TnT Run, Chest Finder, and Seekstone

Advanced Island Map Pros and Cons


  • It’s good that if your island is not good enough to satisfy you, you can make a new one
  • You can easily get the game book if you lose it by typing the command /setblock 1834 58 -506
  • It’s really interesting, exciting and challenging at the same time for the Events
  • This map works really just like Skyblock where you have to survive and try to increase and branch your starting floating small island to a bigger one and a new level


  • Sometimes, when you died, you might lose your game book which is so boring when you have to type the command to get it back every time
  • This map is only supposed to be played on multi-player or on a server as the events need competitors

How to install Advanced Island Map

  1. Look for the download link and enter it
  2. Download Advanced Island Map only the version that is the same with your game
  3. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  4. Open .minecraft folder and find saves folder
  5. Once you open in saves folder, just drop the downloaded file here
  6. Start the gameไ
  7. Select the new map and enjoy the challenge game!
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