Advanced Lightsabers Mod

You know what the good old MineCraft need? A light saber system! With Advanced Lightsabers Mod, it seem we will get to use Light saber in MineCraft after all

Advanced Lightsabers Mod

Advanced Lightsabers Mod 1

Advanced Lightsabers Mod is pretty much self explain with the title. This mod adds 6 new light saber weapon into MineCraft. There also the force ability added into this game. So basically you can get to be like a jedi in MineCraft world. Slashing your light saber using your power to destroy creeper and all. There 6 new force ability added into this mod along with that ability there also a force bar which will indicate how much force power you have left which you can use ( It would totally be overpowering if you can use your force ability unlimited of time) So let me explain how to use each ability and how many force point us used for that ability

How to use Advanced Lightsabers Mod

  • Force Jump = Hold space bar then let it go to jump really high ( 0 foce point)
  • Deflecting Projectiles = Press X when you want to deflect something throw at you ( 1 force point )
  • Light Saber Force Recharging = Hold Shift ( this ability regenrate force point by 2)
  • Force Sprint = Press C ( run really fast 20 Force point per use )
  • Extending and Retracting your Light Saber = Right Click
  • Using Force to move object around = Press F when looking at the object you want to move 

For all those star war fan out there. Advanced Lightsabers Mod is the mode for you to get. Download it today and play it! Like us on this page so that we got inspiration when we are working this columns.

Advanced Lightsabers Mod Main Features

  • Add six new Light Saber Weapons
  • Add six new Force Ability
  • Add Force bar

Advanced Lightsabers Mod Pros and Cons


  • Light Saber is the ultimate weapon!
  • Force ability is very fun to play with
  • Very well balance system


  • It can get too easy killing monster with this mod
  • Require Plug in

Advanced Lightsabers Mod Change Log

  • Fix some of the light texture in Light saber
  • Compatible with the latest MineCraft Version

How to install Advanced Lightsabers Mod

  1. Download and Install the latest Forge version into your computer and make sure it functional
  2. Download Advanced Lightsabers Mod from our download link below
  3. Locate Mod folder found in .mincraft folder
  4. Copy and Paste everything you download into Mod folder
  5. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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