Advanced Rocketry Mod

Welcome back everybody to another mod which today we have the Advanced Rocketry Mod and you guessed it, it’s all about rockets. With these features that will allow you to exploration and exploitation of another worlds and planets So, let’s get start to it.

Advanced Rocketry Mod

Advanced Rocketry Mod 1

Advanced Rocketry Mod 2

Advanced Rocketry Mod 3

Advanced Rocketry Mod 4

In this first part of Advanced Rocketry Mod, the asteroid mining which is one of the things you can actually do which advanced rocketry and the other things you can do is of building space station and visit different planets that is the other big part there is also a part for energy production.

  • So, the first thing that you should to do is building three electrical arc furnaces and for first one you need them to produce steel, just simply put two ‘iron ingot’ and two charcoal into it and you’ll get ‘steel’. And other example an immersive engineering that also produces steel can be used for this sake as well.
  • Next one, the other thing you should to produce is titanium from ‘rutile ore’ that you will find in your world because it is generated there and you just simply put this inside, then you will get the ‘Titanium Ingot’ quickly.
  • The third part that you should to do is doing ‘Sand’ (block) and making ‘Silicon Ingot’ out of it.

These are the three first part that you want to get early into because they sometimes took a long time especially when it come to the silicon and the steel they take a long time. So, start early to be prepared for this three part.

And when you have all everything that you need for the next part, you can start to build more machines that you want. So, If you would like to craft a few machines that you need for additional resources like the rolling machine that you use for producing ‘titanium plate’, and the laughs for producing ‘Titanium Rod’, then next the crystallizer for producing ‘Silicon Boule’, and the cutting machine for produce ‘Silicon Wafer’. More over, the precision assembler to produce all sort of circuits

Advanced Rocketry Mod Main Features

  • Also, relatively early on you should produce or should start producing rocket fuel by ‘electrolyzing water’ that you guys just feed water into the tank and electrolyze it into hydrogen and oxygen, and feed that into the chemical reactor. So, for make rocket fuel which you need to power to actually build all these multi block structures.
  • Then, the mod will comes with an amazing little tool which is the holoprojector. Okay guy, if you have this in your hand and you guys just use right-click to open it which you can choose the machine that you want to build by click the little menu. Example if you want to build the ‘crystallizer’ just select it and then right-click on the ground, then you will see a little holographic structure that’ll help you to place the block easier.

Advanced Rocketry Mod Pros and Cons


  • Tip of holographic, when you press shift mouse wheeling through the different layers, you can see the whole structure
  • If you want to send the rocket to space and actually you don’t know where the rocket to go. You just use three different sorts of sensors: optical sensor, composition sensor and mass detector


  • With all of these features that related to building space station and crete the rocket. So, if you don’t like everything about space or advanced rocket. I recommend you just look through, because have many part that you should to learn such as building and crafting
  • Require the Minecraft Forge and LibVulpes before you play this mod.

How to install Advanced Rocketry Mod

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Forge and LibVulpes
  2. Download the Advanced Rocketry Mod
  3. Open the run from start menu bar
  4. Then, type %appdata% and click ok button
  5. Next, you will found the .minecraft folder
  6. Copy and past the downloaded .jar into the mods/ folder
  7. Launch your minecraft and play it
  8. Done!
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