Advent of Ascension Mod

Wow, guys I’m really excited, really I am. Can’t wait to present and introduce you guys to this awesome Advent of Ascension Mod. Some of you might have heard of this mod, this is one of my favorite mod which bring me brand new experience with played because there are so many new things and what they are, let’s check it out and give it a go if you like it!

Advent of Ascension Mod

Advent of Ascension Mod

Advent of Ascension Mod

Advent of Ascension Mod is a mod made by ‘Xolova’. How is it going after seeing those awesome screenshots above, there are more screenshots that I want to show you but that will be spoilers, so let’s keep it secret and try it out! Anyways, this mod basically just added 16 new dimensions, 250 mobs/bosses/pets, 400 new items, and new skills added as well. For the new dimension added are included Lands of Lelyetia, Ancient Cavern, Dustopia, the Abyss, the Haven, Precasia, Mysterium, Iromine, Lunalus, the Deeplands, Gardencia, the Greckon, L’Borean, VOX PONDS, and some more new will be added in the next updates for sure. Don’t you feel excited that there will be so many new things added into the world of Minecraft which do not stray too far from vanilla, don’t ruin the aspect of the game.

Over 20 new bosses to challenge with, new minions and pets for you to enjoy playing with them. More than that, there are some minigames for you to enjoy in the game as well. Hundred of new awesomely good looking items, and crazy armor abilities and appearance! Can’t wait to see all of you guys response to this awesome Advent of Ascension Mod for Minecraft 1.7.10. So, any suggestion, you can leave in the comment below but for now I’m going to play with it first hehe. Hope you enjoy this awesome mod

Advent of Ascension Mod Main Features

  • Over 200 mobs added
  • Over 20 bosses added
  • New minions and pets added
  • Minigames added
  • Hundreds of items added
  • Crazy armor abilities and appearance added
  • Skills added

Advent of Ascension Mod Pros and Cons


  • With this mod, the way you play your game will become much much more better with the brand new aspect of the game
  • You will no more get bored of playing Minecraft with this mod
  • Nothing can stop you from challenge the boss, face and experience against over 200 new mobs


  • This mod adds so many details to the game, so you might not be able to catch them all up at once, take your time!
  • Some people might think that there are so many contents, the game will be ruined. Just keep in mind that the game will be ruined because of your attitude of playing not the mod though

How to install Advent of Ascension Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first, choose latest version
  2. Look for your Minecraft directory by searching for %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/mods
  3. Download Advent of Ascension Mod from the link download given below, be sure to download the version that suit your Minecraft
  4. In this mods folder, you just simply drop the whole downloaded file into this folder
  5. Launch the game, check if there is any problem happened, if no so enjoy!
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