Alchemy Craft Mod

Not so many mods out there that have come up with smithing, brewing and crafting related features. It’s not because it’s a tough work, but because of the limited of creativity as well as how are they going to be useful and fun to play with. So, one of a few mod based on what I mentioned called Alchemy Craft Mod will be what you really need.




Alchemy Craft Mod is a mod that will simply implements dimension of brewing, smithing, and crafting into the world of Minecraft. If those main things are way too simple that you are not interested at all, so what about the work alongside with the magic effects and spells? With these things, this mod has turned out to be something different, unique and special. First of all, you will get your hands on new recipes in crafting the new and unique pieces of armor. Next, you can use the magical imprints to enhance the armor with new special effects. As you can see that it’s pretty much the same like you enchant your stuff with the enchanting table. Normally, the way you craft pieces of armor, you just fill in the crafting grid with materal like leather or ingot right? Sometimes, that features of Vanilla make the game become a little bit boring. So, with this mod, crafting will become a litle bit more involved that you are required to craft the individual plates and linkages first like screws and chain bits which then can be used to craft armor later with a number of varieties.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this mod is still in the early stage of development, so some of the existed and added items won’t function well, this doesn’t include those new stuff that are going to be added into the future though. What seems to be work successfully would be the hammer and anvil that let you enjoy the process of crafting inside Alchemy Craft Mod.

Alchemy Craft Mod Main Features

  • This mod basically implements new dimension which is the dimension of brewing, smithing and crafting into the game
  • New things that come up with this mod are involved with magic effects and spells by using magical imprints

Alchemy Craft Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod is absolutely unique, fresh and brand new due to its features and ideas
  • You are going to get your hands on the toughest and the best pieces of armor that are indestucable
  • This mod really blow me away of the way they change the crafting process, you don’t have to use the same old and unrealistic way of crafting thigns anymore


  • This mod needs Minecraft Forge to work
  • Furthermore, even though all of the features given are interesting and brand new but overall detail and content given, this mod seems to be a little bit more complicated that players may need to have some setup before they can do or craft something they really want

How to install Alchemy Craft Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version and have it installed to your game first
  2. Download Alchemy Craft Mod from the link download below as well as the most compatible version
  3. Search for %appdata%
  4. Look for .minecraft folder and open in
  5. Head into mods folder
  6. Copy the downloaded file and paste it into this folder
  7. All done, start the game and have fun
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