Angel of Vengeance Mod

This is a new version of magical mod that add ability to heal people and adds 3 magical classes for now. Also, you can learn other classes that a Healer, Defender and Caster. Right now, I’m gonna be showing your guys to take a look at all of Angel of Vengeance Mod. So, the first thing you need to do is build this statue you’ve got to build it and it’s just kind of simple a vanilla blocks.

Angel of Vengeance Mod

Angel of Vengeance Mod 1

Angel of Vengeance Mod 2

Angel of Vengeance Mod 3

Once you build it and you can got a click on it by using a one diamond then this statue will turn to small statue and this is where you can get your abilities. Now, you can take a look at the caster class this is a many abilities in here. Normally you will get your levels by using your abilities. Okay guy! Let’s start to know with the 3 classes there is a Healer, Defender and Caster. The first one, for ‘Caster’ you gotta attack mods with your first ability and then other abilities that you unlock to get levels. Second, for ‘Healer’ obviously you need to heal that just only focused to heal players.
And the last for ‘Defender’ you need to initially block attacks because you don’t have any abilities, the first thing that you should unlock is plus 5% for dodge that you’ve got to be really tanky and this class helps you get more powerful and it helps you have more health.

Angel of Vengeance Mod that is nice mod that help you guys to get more fun with your friend. If you find something like this and looking for new version like this, you should to download this version.

Angel of Vengeance Mod Mani Features

  • This is an interesting version and adds many in-game features, it’s not just fun, it also gives you a new experience.
  • In addition, I’ve added videos to help you understand the basics, which will help you understand how to use the features in the game easily.

Angel of Vengeance Mod Pros and Cons


  • However, other than abilities all of those classes, also have some passive stats so defender has dodged and double strike
  • Caster that you should to learn is just attack, that super easy
  • And the healer that you should to do is help people to get more health


  • the defender is just block attacks from many mobs, you need to unlock is plus 5% for get dodge
  • Need to install Forge before install this mod

How to install Angel of Vengeance Mod

  1. Find the last version of Minecraft Forge and install it
  2. Download the Angel of Vengeance Mod
  3. Go to Run from the start menu bar
  4. Type %appdata%
  5. Open your .minecraft folder and take a look of mods folder
  6. Put it all the download file .jar or .zip into mods folder
  7. Open your launcher game
  8. Enjoy!
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