Animal Crafting Texture Pack

If you want to get new experience don’t miss this version for Minecraft. The Animal Crafting Texture Pack resolution is 64×64 that will likewise bring changes towards the blocks and terrain. Everything this texture pack brings towards the Minecraft world will certainly provide you with a warm surprise.

Animal Crafting Texture Pack

Animal Crafting Texture Pack is amazing pack which will completely give a more friendly and reducing atmosphere to everything about Minecraft. It’s an ideal texture pack for friendly mobs to stay in. With this particular texture pack plus some friendly mobs added around the world, you’ll have the peace you haven’t felt before. Most significantly, if you have performed Animal Crossing before, you will love this texture pack.

Animal Crafting Texture Pack Main Features

  • Hey all, We are left to discharge this kind of texturepack as it’s produced from the particular thoughts wen, the developer became Eight and also played animal crossing wild world. I’m able to highly recommend to bookmark this site and wait untill 1.0 come out (at this time it’s version 3.0), due to the fact today it doesn’t help make excellent game-play.
  • Seem like there’s been a lot of texture packs with hostile atmosphere? I am talking about, a number of them are nice really exciting, however i think it’s time to possess a bit more gently feeling in the realm of Minecraft.

How to install Animal Crafting Texture Pack

  1. Download the texture pack file.
  2. Run search bar and kind “%appdata%”.
  3. Go to the .minecraft folder.
  4. Open the Animal Crafting Texture Pack folder.
  5. Move the downloaded zip file into the folder.
  6. Delete META-INF.
  7. Enjoy!
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