Apple Shields Mod

Some of the mods have been created for some serious play styles, while there are some that have been created just for fun as well. Of course, both play style would give you fun, but they are for different purposes that they will be heavily depending and relying on people individual preferences and likings. What I would like to present to you guys today is a mod called Apple Shields Mod.




Apple Shields Mod is a mod that has been designed and created just for fun. As you can see and expect about the features that this mod has to offer. It’s all about the apple which can be now used to craft shield. Do you really enjoy using shields in Minecraft? They are absolutely useful when it comes to range combat where you have to run toward for a distance to reduce the gap between you and the skeleton, with any shield equipped, you will be able to block most of the unnecessary attack from them. Currently, shields are getting boring and boring and nobody seems like they want to use it anymore, probably because of the low durability and variables. Still, there are some people who enjoy using it, so you are going to get your hands on new shields which are made of apples working alongside with the configurable durability, auto repair, and RF durability. Shields work as damage taken thing, so its uses are pretty much short in its life time. But with the auto repair feature of the apple shield, you don’t need to waste your exp to repair them, nor having to care and focus on the durability bar.

It’s worth keeping in mod that all the shields added by this Apple Shields Mod have their own configuration options for their various settings that you can adjust according to your play style and enjoy with it. Hopefully, this mod would help to spice up the way you use your shield for a better fun in-game just like you have a new skin of shield as well as some interesting and useful functionality.

Apple Shields Mod Main Features

  • This mod tends to give more role to the apples in the world of Minecraft, as of right now, they can be used as material to craft new recipes which are the Apple Shields that come up with better durability, auto repair, RF durability
  • Everything about this shield is configurable

Apple Shields Mod Pros and Cons


  • It’s quite fun and interesting with the new ideas of using apples to craft the shields
  • These shields made out of apples also come up with some special features like better durability as well as auto repair
  • You don’t have to waste your time or even your exp point just to repair this shield


  • Minecraft Forge is required to make this mod operate
  • For some senses, shields made out of apples don’t seem to be defensive at all and they are supposed to be fragile

How to install Apple Shields Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version and have it installed to your game first
  2. Download Apple Shields Mod from the link download below as well as the most compatible version
  3. Search for %appdata%
  4. Look for .minecraft folder and open in
  5. Head into mods folder
  6. Copy the downloaded file and paste it into this folder
  7. All done, start the game and have fun
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