Arcana RPG Mod

Have you ever heard or played the game from the SNES? Back to the past when it was extremely popular. One of the most popular game would be the Arcana game which is a mazes and dungeons based game as well as using cards to create magical effects together with the RPG gameplay experiences. So, it’s now the time that we bring back that old memory and make it become a memorable one again with this Arcana RPG Mod that add new 5 Dimensions, 100+ Mobs, Powerful Bosses and Mobs etc.

Arcana RPG Mod

Arcana RPG Mod 1

Arcana RPG Mod 2

Arcana RPG Mod 3

Arcana RPG Mod is a mod that has been designed not to be based on the Arcana game in the SNES days. It basically applies only the basic things from that game into the world of Minecraft. Firstly, it simply adds some flashy magical spells and effects of the particles. However, the biggest part of this mod would be that it tends to add some new dimensions into the game for players to travel, explore and enjoy your adventure life much more.

Of course, each of them is individually unique. Besides, if you think that this mod only implements the cards and a stock spell system to the game, you are wrong because you are also given a special magic meter. This meter shows how much gauge you have to use each spell which will replenish over time. More than that, you’d better know very well that 1 dimension is huge enough to consist of something unpredictable.

Each of them is extremely well designed, it’s like a new world that you can adventure through with loads of fun. Each biomes contain dungeons full of mobs, mini bosses and bosses waiting to be defeated by you! In conclusion, this mod provides with additional :

  • 8 new enchantments,
  • 11 unique potion effects
  • 45+ staffs, tomes, wands, amulets
  • 14 bosses, 9 mini bosses,
  • Rare and legendary items acquired through defeating the bosses
  • 7 NPCs added providing quests for you.
  • 16 new ores

Arcana RPG Mod Main Features

  • This mod simply borrow the name from the game Arcana in SNES which will simply provide a bit of similar content to the world of Miencraft as well as some new interesting and awesome contents like 4 new dimensions
  • Each dimension consists of certain dungeons, structures and ruins which can be explored
  • Some of the specific places will be new mobs, mini bosses or even bosses waiting for you

Arcana RPG Mod Pros and Cons


  • It’s super awesome that we now can travel to another and new biome with the great and brand new experience
  • Not only we can explore the new biome, but we also get a chance to fight against those new mobs as well as enjoy going into the 27 new dungeons added
  • New enchantments added for us to enjoy playing around with the upgrades as well as help us get stronger


  • This mod may add too many new content into the world of Minecraft
  • Some of the bosses are absolutely incredibly difficult to beat
  • Minecraft Forge is required

How to install Arcana RPG Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge and have it installed first
  2. Download the mod called Arcana RPG Mod with .zip or .jar file from the highlighted download link that is provided below
  3. Head yourself into your Minecraft directory
  4. Head into mods folder
  5. Drag and drop the whole downloaded mod file into the mods folder
  6. Done
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