ArmorStatusHUD Mod

Do you know that armor is absolutely necessary for the soldiers in the war? If you have to fight the terrorists without protection. Then of course, you could die easily more than 90%, so the armor is excellent protection that will keep you safe and alive. However, the protection is part of the game and it has been very popular. Because it can help the players safe from harm and potentially deadly to life. Also if you fight against your opponent while you are wearing armor. It will allow players to get a very mild attack of the opponent. If your armor has been upgraded to stronger and more efficient. Of course, the attack of the opponent can not make you get hurt even less. Today I am pleased to present a great mod. It was the concept of the protection of the military. We call this the ArmorStatusHUD Mod

ArmorStatusHUD Mod

ArmorStatusHUD Mod is the work that has been very popular. The developers have tried to improve and correct performance of this mod to be able to work in any version of Minecraft. Sure, it has been updated to run the latest version of Minecraft. This is mod very useful for people looking for anti-armor attack from weapons of all types. Additionally, it can tell the damage from the attack. Which can be observed on the side of your character. I hope you will not miss this wonderful performance. If you are ready to download and install ArmorStatusHUD Mod. You can find the download link under the article from here.

ArmorStatusHUD Mod Main Features

  • The players will get a set of armor that would prevent dangerous weapons from swords, bows, axes, knives and other weapons.

ArmorStatusHUD Mod Changelogs

  • It works great in the latest version of Minecraft.

How to install ArmorStatusHUD Mod

  1. Download and install modloader
  2. Download the ArmorStatusHUD Mod
  3. Open up your %appdata%
  4. Go into the .bin
  5. Go into your Minecraft.jar
  6. Drag all the files into Minecraft. Jar
  7. Delete META INF
  8. Done!
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