AssassinCraft Mod

Have you ever heard or played Assassin Creed before? If you do, no! You must do know about that popular game. If you are a fan of that game, so you will love this mod for sure. The mod that I’m going to give you today is the mod that based on the popular game Assassin Creed which called AssassinCraft Mod.

AssassinCraft Mod

AssassinCraft Mod

AssassinCraft Mod

AssassinCraft Mod is an interesting and mod which made or based on the game and movie called  Assassin Creed, but mostly on Brotherhood. What this mod will do for you, just let me explain in brief for that. There are so many new equipments, tools and weapons added starting from Ezio Auditore’s sword to his clothes that he wore. Those new things added will help you to be able to live in the world that full of lying and cheating or what we call the world of Assassin! There are various types of capes for you to choose and wear on including plain cape, venetian cape, medici cape, Auditore cape which each of them will come in different colors and designs. So, talking about Assassin, things that can not be lacked of is hidden blade right? The inventory in this mod changed from 2 to 15 slots. Those hidden weapons will damage 6 point of hearts. Moreover, this mod also adds new dimension to the world of Minecraft which called Animus.

See? There are so many interesting things added for you to have fun and enjoy with? You are going to have some new experience which you might enjoy this AssassinCraft Mod for hours or days! Anyways, who knows how cool this mod is until you try and see it with your own eyes

AssassinCraft Mod Main Features

  • This mod is based on the very popular game and film series called Assassin Creed, but mostly on Brotherhood
  • There are so many tools and weapons added
  • There is new dimension added in this mod which called Animus

AssassinCraft Mod Pros and Cons


  • This is a really cool mod which is nicely made and based on the popular game called Assassin Creed
  • So many new things for you to enjoy and have fun with including new tools and weapons
  • Hidden weapons added for you! This will make you feel like you are a real assassin!


  • I don’t seem to find anything bad about this mod, except it’s too awesome! The only thing that most people do not like about this mod is that it requires Minecraft Forge installed to your Minecraft

How to install AssassinCraft Mod

  1. Forge is required, so download and install Minecraft Forge first
  2. Go to %appdata% and find .minecraft folder
  3. Inside .minecraft folder, you will see mods folder right? Just open it
  4. If you don’t have mods folder, just make one
  5. Download AssassinCraft Mod from the download link below
  6. Drag and drop the downloaded mod into the mods folder
  7. Enjoy!
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