Atlantis Survival Map

In a world where all the ice berg in the north pole melt which cause flooding on earth. Every single piece of land have been destroy and all hope to human kind is lost cause everyone eventually die due to lack of food or just die from the flooding itself. God decide to give one chosen human a chance. Call him Adam if you want he is the last hope to human kind, he will be face with a series of challenge that he must complete. Let’s check this Atlantis Survival Map out!

Atlantis Survival Map

Atlantis Survival Map

Atlantis Survival Map

Atlantis Survival Map have about sixty-four challenge that players can choose to complete. There are Crafting Challenges, Farming Challenges, Kill Challenges, Mining Challenges and some other Challenges which doesn’t fit into any of the group. You will be spawn two hundred blocks undersea. In just a small room with limited stuff. You will have to choose which set of challenge you decide to complete and work accordingly. You cannot really go on an adventure or go scouting around your area due to all the water around and you will most probably die if you are outside too long.

Download the Atlantis Survival Map today and try to complete this challenge with your friends. You can make it look like some sort of competition. Remember to show your support by clicking on the like button on this page and website.

Atlantis Survival Map Main Features

  • Sixty Four unique Challenges
  • Choose what type of challenge you want and work toward it
  • You will be spawn deep in the sea

Atlantis Survival Map Pros and Cons


  • The setting or plot is very nice and sound very fun to try to play
  • Limited space and resources is very challenging


  • You don’t actually “complete” the game when u finish the challenge. It more like self impose challenge more than system challenge

How to install Atlantis Survival Map

  1. Download the Atlantis Survival Map from our download link below
  2. Find Save Folder found in MineCraft
  3. Start up MineCraft choose Load Save
  4. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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