Lately, it has been adapted to function using the newest version of Minecraft. AudioMod it could be the ideal charm of your game is 1 which you ought to not miss, it tends to make your function less difficult and much more entertaining. Anytime you attempt to increase your content material inside the game, and once you are looking to create or launch new tips.


AudioMod is a fantastic tool which you need to seek. I imply, it is best to set up it to become out there with present Minecraft version. you may download and set up it from right here. course, it has the capability to allow you to add new music, this can be the only. readily available feature of this Mod. current, it has been enhanced with further features, it adds assistance for modders to add new records and sound effects. There’s a slight. raise in load time when working with this mod. Also, you could install custom sound.

AudioMod is definitely an upgrade of sorts, along with a modder’s utility. Integrated within this mod is CodecIBXM, who’s the creator with the sound technique utilised in Minecraft. It makes it possible for Minecraft to play (along with ogg, wav, and mus files), xm, s3m, and mod files. The only readily obtainable feature of this mod could be the capability to add new music, nevertheless, it adds help for modders to add new records and sound effects. There’s a slight boost in load time when working with this mod. Working with this, you may also use custom sounds, alongside the originals. Custom music and sound goes in to the sources folder, music in mod/music. Custom sounds go into mod/sound. By way of example, if I have been to add a brand new footstep sound impact to stone, I’d place the new stone1.ogg in mod/sound/step. In game, the new sound would sometimes be played, alongside the originals. Custom sounds for items just like the menu click and water don’t often function, in the moment.

How to install AudioMod

  1. Download the AudioMod and ModLoader
  2. Go to .minecraft/bin/minecraft.jar
  3. Once your minecraft.jar is open delete META INF
  4. Drag the mod loader files into minecraft.jar
  5. Drag the audio mod files into minecraf.jar
  6. Let’s Fun!
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