Baby Animals Model Swapper Mod 1.11.2/1.10.2/1.7.10

Have you ever tried to breed animals in your world and how did the baby animals look like? Did they look cute enough to you? Or you want them to look more, may the cuteness overloaded lol. I really want you guys to take a look at the pictures below to decide whether you would like to try this awesome Baby Animals Model Swapper Mod out or not. You are going to regret it if you don’t though.

Baby Animals Model Swapper Mod

Baby Animals Model Swapper Mod is a mod actually made by cocoavalley, but Mrlbby continue to update this awesome mod. This mod actually replaces the vanilla baby models of the Minecraft game with the models created for the original Baby Animals Mod. The word  Model Swapper of this mod actually have nothing to do or you can say that it doesn’t give you any new function of the Baby Animals Mod, but it does is just change the look of the baby animals to be more cute and more realistic. With this mod installed, cuteness of those friendly baby animal will be brought to you. The baby cow is so cute, the normal baby cow is literally just a small model with giant head, but this one got very thin little leg and it’s so tiny. That happens to the sheep and pig as well. Baby sheep looks a bit smaller and shorter with cute little pink face. My favorite would be baby pig and baby wolf that looks freaking cute. I almost exploded when I saw it. The chick also looks cute as well. They are all cute as it will really help to make your farm become the best farm in the world with cuteness overload.

Not only the look they got that make them look cute, but you’d better check and see their animation like they run adorably like following their parents. They will act so naughtily, you are going to love the world that full with these awesome and cute baby animals. Before that you are going to need this Baby Animals Model Swapper Mod installed first.

Baby Animals Model Swapper Mod Main Features

  • This mod bring you cute friendly baby animal that look cuter than in the vanilla 

Baby Animals Model Swapper Mod Pros and Cons


  • When you breed a couple of animals, you are going to get a cuter baby animal than you get from vanilla Minecraft
  • Your world is going to be filled with the cuteness
  • They all look really cute which will actually brighten up your day and might make you feel like you want to play the game more


  • You need to download and install Minecraft Forge first

How to install Baby Animals Model Swapper Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge with the latest version
  2. Download Baby Animals Model Swapper Mod with the latest version
  3. Install Minecraft Forge
  4. Go to %apdpata%
  5. Head into .minecraft folder
  6. Find mods folder
  7. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the mods folder
  8. Enjoy
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