Baconators Mod

This Baconators Mod might be a little bit confusing just by interpreting its name, but that’s just normal though. First of all, this mod won’t do something like adding in new food or the way to cook or make bacon hamburger filled with bacon from Wendy’s restaurant, anyways, this is just a perfect mod to add in with fulfilling new items.

Baconators Mod

Baconators Mod

Baconators Mod

Baconators Mod has been designed to make or overhaul all the food system in this game to a new level by adding 4 different items including the Baconator, the Jerkynator, the Cluckinator, the Darkonator, and the Squeaknator. Each of them will do their own individual work which all have been designed for a specific food type as well. It’s pretty easy just to guess from their names right? Anyways, you are going to have to figure out each one of them work with what type of food, but obviously there is more information once you hold it and shift.

These new items are used to store your food like the Baconator one that can store a total of 64 cooked pork chop. The rest of the others will work just like this but with different items like cooked beef, cooked chicken, bread, and apple. However, that’s not all the features that you will get from this mod. The best highlight of the mod is that it will replenish your food and saturation levels when enabled automatically with the food you fill it with. Of course, you can customize it through the config file like enabling and disabling for each types of the new items as well as the extended tooltips. In addition, you can even customize the storage capacity, but default setting will work just fine that you can store 2 stacks or 128 in total.

If you are those who find yourself jumping around in the world of Minecraft a lot, you will know yourself that the saturation will decrease dramatically, so it means that you have to eat a lot and when eating any types of food, it takes a little bit of time as well as slows you down. So, if you feel like you want to use this auto-feeding features added by this Baconators Mod. Just go for it!

Baconators Mod Main Features

  • This mod implements a total of 5 different items including the Baconator, the Jerkynator, the Cluckinator, the Darkonator, and the Squeaknator
  • These new items can be used to store the specific items depending on each type of them as well as replenish the saturation or hunger automatically with the filled items

Baconators Mod Pros and Cons


  • You will not have to worry about having to eat again and again as these new items will automatically replenish the hunger bar whenever it’s enabled or auto-feeding
  • Whist you are allowed to customize the accepted food per baconator item means that you can store any type of food that you want into a single Nator


  • There is absolutely nothing bad about this mod, it works perfectly fine even though it needs the work of Minecraft Forge to stabilize the game as well as allow flawlessly to the gameplay when the mod is enabling 

How to install Baconators Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version comparing to your game and install it first
  2. Download Baconators Mod by going in the link download highlighted provided below
  3. Once you are in the download link, choose and download only the version that is the same as your game
  4. Look for %appdata% and find .minecraft folder, then open it
  5. Go into mods folder
  6. Place the downloaded mod file here
  7. All done
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