Bacteria Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

How’s it going guys, today I have a very interesting mod to introduce you guys which will help you to release the tensions of yours with the extremely fun stuff that you have never seen before in your entire life with the mod called Bacteria Mod. You might have an idea, especially in the negative way about this thing right? But, don’t just judge it yet because it can be used variously as a useful tool as well.

Bacteria Mod

Bacteria Mod

Bacteria Mod

Bacteria Mod is a mod that allows the players to sponge to the world generator which can be crafted into something you can breed controllable to bacteria. It sounds pretty offensive and destructive right? But it’s just a very simple mod introducing the bacteria to the game. As I mentioned, this thing is controllable and there is nothing to worry about if you don’t overuse it. So, to start playing with this mod, all you need to do is the sponges to craft Must blocks and just place those underwater at least one layer off the surface. They will eventually start to grow bunches of bacteria. Once you get into this point, you can then craft them into colonies. Now, it’s the finally the fun part of the mod, you just place the colonies below a block or the one that you want to it to be destroyed which they will only destroy only what you choose. If you are still confused, try to place a colony below 1 layer of water and activate the block with redstone, you will see that the bacteria will immediately start its work and destroy the water in its path. Moreover, that’s not all the fun you still get another thing and it’s the replacer bacteria which works pretty much the same like its name. With this one, you will have a new method to massively duplicate blocks, it will basically eat whatever type of block that is below it and replace it with whatever block is above which can be easily out of hand as well, be careful. To stop whatever issue out of hand from this bacteria, you can use the jammer which once pressed, it will immediately stop any bacteria from spreading, but the devastation is still left as it only prevent further issues.

This Bacteria Mod might be useful only for the replacer bacteria as you can reproduce or replace all the blocks including diamond block as well, but surely it will be too op for that feature. Overall features are fun to play with and if you are boring with the Minecraft game, this mod will give you the new of enjoying and coming back to the game again.

Bacteria Mod Main Features

  • This mod introduces you the bacteria which is the new thing in the world of Minecraft that can be useful and harmful as well
  • The new items added which is the replacer bacteria and the jammer

Bacteria Mod Pros and Cons


  • You can use the bacteria to eat or destroy any area that you want without you having to put so much effort into it
  • You can massively reproduce and duplicate whatever type of block that you’d like to while the one you do it to will be replaced
  • You can massively gain the diamond blocks by using the replacer bacteria


  • Even if you use the jammer to stop the bacteria from continuing to spread, but the devastation is like the scar that will still be there
  • This mod needs Minecraft Forge to work
  • The replacer bacteria is way too op for duplication or replication of the valuable blocks like the diamond one
  • Using this mod recklessly will make everything out of control and your hand as well, be sure to back up your save first

How to install Bacteria Mod

  1. This mod requires Minecraft Forge to work properly, so download it and install it first
  2. Download the mod named Bacteria Mod from the link download below with the most compatible version
  3. Go to %appdata%/.minecraft
  4. Open in mods folder
  5. Copy the downloaded file and paste it into the mods folder
  6. Start the game and check if the mod is properly installed and worked
  7. All done
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