Base Metals Mod

A pretty decent mod called Base Metals Mod will totally blow your mind because of its features. You would know that there are so many mods that tend or try to implement some new metals into the world of Minecraft right? However, some of them are not successful because of the lack of upgrade as well as some contents are not being realistic enough to satisfy the players. Unlike this one that will never let you down for sure.

Base Metals Mod

Base Metals Mod

Base Metals Mod

Base Metals Mod is a mod that will implement a whole lot of new metals into the game. All of them are based on the basic, common realistic and rare fantasy metals which are all included tin, lead, zinc, nickel, mithril, adamantine, star steel, and cold iron. Also, there is a lot of alloys added too, such as brass, bronze, steel and invar which can be crafted by using the powered forms of the required metals and smelt together. As you can see that there is a new type of metal provided which is the powdered form, of course you are able to acquire it, but how? Using pickaxe would give you a usual one right? So, this mod gives you the Crack Hammer that allows you to increase the amount of ores that you mine of harvest to drop as powdered metals instead of piece of block. Overall uses of these new metals are to craft its own blocks, trap door, doors, fences as well as some awesome equipment.

Keep in mind that, the better grade of metals mean the harder and tougher to acquire. Those rare fantasy ores are rarer that you have to really put a bit of an extra effort for it. Trust me that it’s worth it because of how useful those metals are. So, that’s pretty much all about this Base Metals Mod.

Base Metals Mod Main Features

  • There is a whole lot of metals added into the game for you to utilize in crafting new potential equipment with different based stats
  • Most of the metals added are common realistic metals including tin, lead, zinc, and nickel as well as some rare fantasy metals including mithril, adamantine, star steel, and cold iron
  • There is also a new useful tool added which is called the Crack Hammer

Base Metals Mod Pros and Cons


  • This mod gives you a bit of extra variety into Minecraft with lots of new metals that you can utilize and craft into various different kinds of equipment
  • There are going to be tons of choices for you to choose using these basic, common realistic and rare fantasy metals to craft the existing stuff with better grade, so the diversity this mod has to offer is fabulous


  • This mod won’t work without the proper version of Minecraft installed first. So, download and install it first with the right version
  • Those fantasy ores are slightly rarer which it’s going to take times in order to acquire some of them as well as some effort is required
  • Using this mod with Minecraft version 1.9.4 and higher, you will need to download and install DrCyano’s Ore Spawn as well

How to install Base Metals Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge and install first
  2. Download DrCyano’s Ore Spawn and install it ( for Minecraft 1.9.4 and higher )
  3. Download the mod named Base Metals Mod from the link download provided below
  4. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft
  5. Find mods folder and open in
  6. Copy the downloaded file and paste it into the mods folder
  7. All done, start the game and enjoy