Better Animations Collection Revived Mod For Minecraft 1.10.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10/1.7.2

Better Animations Collection Revived Mod

Once you have played the game for a time! Okay now it’s time for you to update and develop the game better than ever. Many of them are intended to improve the game, with improved features such as. To improve the atmosphere within the game, improving the animations are fluid. This is the most difficult and seems to require some skill and effort to develop. Until the time comes to Better Animations Collection Revived Mod is one of the features that you are looking for and of course, I’m sure you enjoy these features. If you wish to improve the atmosphere within the game or improve mobility to more quality.

Better Animations Collection Revived Mod Main Feature

Better Animations Collection Revived Mod has been updated to run the latest version of Minecraft. If you like new experiences and smoothness. This is a model that gives the game more lively . You will notice that the animation has a better design and more delicate . I am sure you will be impressed with this series.

Better Animations Collection Revived Mod

All features of this model has been updated and improved the overall theme with new updates. You can learn more from the video.

How to install Better Animations Collection Revived Mod

  1. Download Better Animations Mod and .txt File
  2. Force update your minecraft
  3. Go to “%Appdata% then .minecraft
  4. Place the .txt file in the .minecraft folder
  5. Open up Minecraft.jar and delete META-INF
  6. Open up Better Animations mod in winrar
  7. Put all file of B.A. into the minecraft.jar
  8. Open up minecraft… done.

Install to 1.5.2

  1. Download and install ModLoader (Still work with Forge)
  2. Download The Better Animations Collection Revived Mod
  3. Cannot be installed to the mods in the Minecraft root directory (Must install in your minecraft.jar)

Install to 1.6.x+

  1. Make a copy of your vanilla 1.6.x+ folder in the “versions” folder
  2. Name the folder something else like “1.6.x Modded”
  3. Create new named folder, name the “1.6.x.jar” same name you gave the folder (“1.6.x Modded.jar”)
  4. Name the “1.6.x.json” in it to the same name as the folder and .jar (“1.6.x Modded.json”)
  5. Open the .json file with a text editor
  6. Change the “1.6.x” in the [“id”: “1.6.x”] line to the same name that you called the folder [“id”: “1.6.x Modded”]
  7. Open your .jar with your archiving
  8. Drag the mod files into it
  9. Delete the “META-INF” folder
  10. Close and run Minecraft
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