Better Anvils Mod

If you like playing games that have activity many interesting and fun. Let me introduce you to the most popular games to help you find an exciting and fun. Minecraft is a game originally designed superbly. You will find that there are many tools and features to help you get a great experience in playing the game. It certainly has many interesting events in the world of Minecraft, but you need the right tools to help you troubleshoot problems with simplicity whenever you are exposed to it. Today I have the pleasure to be introduced to a great job to help you perfect your gaming and more smoothly. We call it “Better Anvils Mod”.

Better Anvils Mod

Better Anvils Mod it will allow players to modify and repair tool. Sure, you may have a question in your mind about how it works. If you are faced with a situation that you can not repair tool.

The Better Anvils Mod does can removing the anvil xp limit. However, such work is not an embarrassment to the player. You will find that it is very easy to fix and repair tool.

Better Anvils Mod Main Features

  • This mod will allow you to remove anvil xp limit. After you use it, your tools will be able to use it normally.
  • It is designed to be able to repair any tools

Better Anvils Mod Changelogs

  • It has been updated and modified to be used in the latest version of Minecraft.

How to install Better Anvils Mod

  1. Download the Better Anvils Mod file.
  2. Run and search bar
  3. Type “%appdata%”, Go to the .minecraft folder.
  4. Copy and place the downloaded file into the mod folder.
  5. Delete META-INF.
  6. Done!
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