Better Archery Mod

Most of you would know that firing the piecing arrow to your enemies is quite hard for newbies because of the projectile problems might make you get bored or even get angry. So, if that happens to some of you, I would like to suggest you guys to try this Better Archery Mod which will make you use the bow much easier.

Better Archery Mod

Better Archery Mod

Better Archery Mod

Let me tell you first that this Better Archery Mod will not replace Valnila bows, but the recipe of Vanilla bow is removed and the crafting recipe for the normal bows is changed. In the other hand, this mod adds some new bows and several type of new arrows. The bows which added are Recurve bow, Longbow, Yumi bow, and Composite bow. Each of them has their individual abilities. For new arrows added included, fire arrow, impact explosive arrow, timed explosive arros, ender arrow or teleport arrow, torch arrow, drill arrow, potion arrow, and splitting arrow. The last thing which is very interesting in this mod is the quiver which can hold up to 64 items in 16-sized stacks of any types of arrows.

For those you might have problems using the default bow and arrow or might get bored of the same bow and arrow, I would suggest you to try this Better Archery Mod which will give you loads of fun.

Better Archery Mod Main Features

  • Vanilla bow added
  • Recurve bow, arrows get faster which have longer pull back time
  • Longbow will have longest range bow
  • Yumi bow which is very powerful and really fast
  • Composite bow which is the fastest and most durable bow
  • New arrow types added

Better Archery Mod Pros and Cons


  • Better way of using bow
  • It’s very easy to craft and use
  • Bow gets better, faster, and powerful


  • Some designs of bows is not quite good
  • There can be some bugs with the Vanilla bow

How to install Better Archery Mod

  1. Download the Better Archery Mod
  2. You will need Modloader, so download and install it first.
  3. Click start and type in %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  4. Go in ‘mods’ folder
  5. Drag and drop the file into the ‘mods’ folder
  6. Start the game to check if the mod is loaded
  7. Enjoy !
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