Better Leather Mod

Most of the time people have been struggling finding themselves leather at the middle stage of the game as they want to create the enchanting table which could allow them to enchant using 30 level experience. That does require a lot of bookshelves. However, don’t you think that this thing should have been used in some other purposes as well? If you can’t picture in your mind, then try this Better Leather Mod out!




Better Leather Mod is a mod that simply offers players more functionalities or options when it comes to crafting that have leather involved. For instance, you can now bind regular leather with the mineral items like gold, iron, or diamond to make it significantly more durable. Also, this mod even gives you more cow to the game in which they will provide you more extra leather options. Once you get your hands on the enhanced piece of leather or the new one you can then craft leather tools and swords. Keep in mind that it’s going to be better and better depending on which mineral you use like gold, iron or diamond. In addition, you are also able to do that kind of feature to the armor as well. Specially, if you accidentally end up finding Ender Cows or even Nether Cows, new cows added by the mod, you can craft Ender and Nether armor as well.

If you have ever wished to have something to do more with the leather that could be useful in your daily life, then this Better Leather Mod is really a must for you to try out! Not only are they useful, but they also have a lot of use that you can utilize according to your preferences, now there is a reason why you have to make a big cow farm.

Better Leather Mod Main Features

  • This mod gives players more options for crafting with leather
  • There are some new special cows added to the world which some of their leathers can be used to craft armor as well

Better Leather Mod Pros and Cons


  • Now leathers can be used in crafting along with mineral to create tools, weapons and armor
  • You don’t have to dump the leathers when they are not in use anymore as they become much more useful when you have this mod installed


  • Without Minecraft Forge installed, this mod won’t work properly or even worse, the game will end up crashing over and over

How to install Better Leather Mod

  1. Download Minecraft Forge with the most compatible version comparing to your game and install it first
  2. Download Better Leather Mod by going in the link download highlighted provided below
  3. Once you are in the download link, choose and download only the version that is the same as your game
  4. Look for %appdata% and find .minecraft folder, then open it
  5. Go into mods folder
  6. Place the downloaded mod file here
  7. All done
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