BiblioCraft Mod

Alright guys! What do you think about this Mod? This time we’ll be going over look a new mod, It’s called BiblioCraft Mod that’ll gives you armor stands, display cases, shelves, cookie jars and more. It’s absolutely breathtaking and I know you guys will love this mod and it’s a pretty decent size too. Moreover, this version that has been cared about problems, errors closely from the developer and it has been updated in the latest version of minecraft. So, let’s check it out.

BiblioCraft Mod

BiblioCraft Mod 2

BiblioCraft Mod 3

BiblioCraft Mod 4

BiblioCraft Mod it has started to develop this process for several weeks. Now, this version that work very well just take a look on it. So, let’s start off with some items and crafting recipes of that beginning with ‘Oak Bookcases’, It’s made with six wood planks and three half slabs that use the oak for craft. And if you have a different four types of plank that will make you get different recipes such as: birch wood, jungle wood, spruce wood and oak wood or any of the other. Okay guys! when you get the bookcase that’ll allow you to store book in it, we’ll get to ‘actual mechanice’ of it

Next, for the ‘Oak Potion Shelf’ made with the two wood planks, six half slabs and a glass bottle that will help you to store potions in it. Let’s check the next ‘Spruce shelf’ that need six half slabs and a wood planks of spruce for craft. Again, next one the ‘Spruce Tool Rack’ that just made with one iron ingot and eight half slabs of spruce.

For the ‘Armor Stand’ that starting off with the only non-wood based item in the mod which is an armor stand you can store armor on it. Also, for the display case that you can addition to the four different wood types and put in four different types wools like green, blue, red and black. So, you can have a total of 16 different types and styles of the display cases, that’s look pretty cool.

The other item like craft ‘Spruce Wood Label’ that called the ‘label’ need six half slabs for craft, it’s for putting on a chest or any other type of storage block and it allow you to use a visual block to label what’s inside the chest or whatever other container item it. So, the final item in crafting recipes it’s a desk that you can just put some books on it.

BiblioCraft Mod Main Feature

  • I am sure many people wonder if it will be a wonderful mod or not. The developers have identified this as they have tried to develop “BiblioCraft Mod” and they hope to make it better than the MystcraftThaumcraftMineChemComputerCraftRedpower.
  • So, they started creating this series and named it “BiblioCraft Mod”. If you have knowledge of the Greek language. I am sure you will recognize the word “Biblio”, it’s significant that ‘book’ which the originally word comes from the greek original.

BiblioCraft Mod Pros and Cons


  • Added many items and updated to work in the latest version
  • The new features that you should to crafting before you start playing the game such as: Armor Stands, Display Cases, Bookcases, Label and more that’ll allow you to play the game easier


  • There are a lot of items that you should to learn before crafting which It may take you quite a bit of time.
  • Requirement to install the Minecraft Forge

How to install BiblioCraft Mod

  1. Download and install the Forge
  2. Download the BiblioCraft Mod
  3. Open you run on start menu bar of windows
  4. Type %appdata% and take a look .minecraft/ folder
  5. Open the minecraft folder and drop file downloaded .jar or .zip into mod/ folder
  6. Run your game and playing!
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