Billund Mod

It was made with the purpose of entering mod making competition. The creator spend ninety-six hour in making it. Sure it didn’t win that competition but it does have some interesting features in it. Now let we all take a look the¬†Billund Mod and see for ourselves.

Billund Mod

Billund Mod is like ComputerCraft. Actually Both ComputerCraft and this mod are made from the same person. If you love playing lego in real life then you will love this mod. This mod adds plastic looking building blocks to MineCraft world. It like playing with Lego just that this time it is in MineCraft instead of real world. This mod work best in creative mode where you can just start pulling the block out and start building your fantasy houses. There is no limit to your imagination and freedom if you add creative and this mod together.

If you are playing Billund Mod in survival mode then first you need to obtain Billund Order Form which is found by killing zombies and collect their loots, then you need to start mining for emeralds when you got enough then you can finally order your first Billund set. Oh the set when you order it will be drop from the sky so watch out for it from above. Remember to show your support by liking us on this page and website, that way we can continue to update what going on in MineCraft world for you lots

Billund Mod Main Features

  • Add plastic blocks lego like to MineCraft
  • Add Billund set

Billund Mod Pros and Cons


  • Lego in Minecraft! How much more wilder can it get??


  • Require Plug in
  • The Creator seem to have stop updating this mod

How to install Billund Mod

  1. Download and install Forge into your computer and make sure it fully functional
  2. Find mod folder found in .minecraft folder
  3. Copy and Paste this Billund Mod into Mods Folder
  4. Done! Happy Gaming Fellow MineCrafter
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