Binnie’s Mods

This is a mod-pack containing of 4 different mods that were designed to expand the Forestry Mod. This Binnie’s Mods is made by Binnie. As it is the expansion of that mod, these mods will extend the bee and tree breeding aspect which means that there will be many new species with varied products added. Moreover, the mod called Botany and Genetic are absolutely amazing with their features that will give you fully breedable flowers and genetic manipulation.

Binnie’s Mods

Binnie’s Mods

Binnie’s Mods

Briefly, there are 4 mods including of Extra Bees Mod, Extra Trees Mod, Botany Mod, and Genetics Mod. There will be 107 new bee species to forestry, new 95 tree species with many new fruits as well and 35 new wooden planks. 46 new different breedable species.

The best one that I like the most is the feature from Genetics Mod as it allows you to revamps the existing genetic engineering system in Extra Bees which all the genes from bees, trees, butterflies, and flowers can be isolated and sequenced.

Binnie’s Mods these are all very interesting and useful mod which will eventually give you fun for sure. Actually, for all the contents of each mod added are perfectly combo combination.

Binnie’s Mods Main Features

  • There are 4 new mods attached in this mod including of Extra Bees, Extra Trees, Botany and Genetics
  • All of those mods above will do exactly what their name is saying

Binnie’s Mods Pros and Cons


  • With this mod installed, your world will have over 107 new bee species to forestry and about 96 new tree species like Banana, Brazil nut and Douglas-fir
  • There will be 35 new wooden planks
  • There are 46 different species of flowers added which can be bred to possible 80 different colors
  • The Genetics mod that will allow you to enter the realm of genetic manipulation


  • So many mods included in this mudpack which you might not want to use them all
  • Need Minecraft Forge to install the mod and to help your game from crashing

How to install Binnie’s Mods

  1. Minecraft Forge required, download and install it first
  2. Download Binnie’s Mods .jar file which the download link is highlighted and provided below
  3. Head to your Minecraft directory or %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft
  4. Find mods folder and open it
  5. Drag and drop the downloaded file into the mods folder
  6. All done, this should install all 4 mods for you
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