BiomeTweaker Mod

Which will allow you to customize biomes and change things like setting the temperature, snow, rain, filler block and etc. Also, in the long term goal of this mod will help you to configure and change virtually and allow player to bring a whole new level of customization with the mod-packs.

BiomeTweaker Mod

BiomeTweaker Mod 1

In this features that very useful and you guys can add and remove biomes too. BiomeTweaker Mod that’s inspired by MineTweaker, also if you would like to know everything about this mod. Just, find the documented on the wiki. Moreover, if you found any problem with Biome IDs, you should check the folder BiomeTweaker which generates in the config folder. Then, you will found report all of every registered bio.

Before you using this mod just check out this rule : First, that’s only improve and fix the world during generation and you guys can install at the server side only. Second, if you really want to apply color overrides that you should to install this mod at the client side only. And when you do done, let’s check out some of features are disabled by default. Then, if you guys would like to enable that function. You need to install the BiomeTweakerCore to be enabled.

BiomeTweaker Mod Main Features

  • There are some features that’s called list of a few things BiomeTweaker which you should to know before starting this mod :
  • The first list, it’s about changing basic properties of biomes that including name, temperature, blocks and etc.
  • You can create the new biomes from a blank or using copy file of an existing biome.
  • Also, if you would like to removing existing biomes and customized some feature like grass, flowers, dungeons and etc. You can do that.
  • Add new feature about custom decorations to biomes

BiomeTweaker Mod Pros and Cons


  • There are many feature which allow you to customize biomes and you can change things too.
  • It’s very useful function such as create the new biomes, setting the temperature, snow, rain, removing existing biomes and much more.


  • Some feature that only use at the server side and client side. So, if you want to enable this features.
  • Just, download and install BiomeTweakerCore.
  • Require the forge before using this mod.

How to install BiomeTweaker Mod

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Forge at the first time.
  2. Download the BiomeTweakerCore Mod before enabled some features
  3. Install the BiomeTweaker Mod
  4. Go to ‘run’ at windows menu bar
  5. Type %appdata% and looking .minecraft folders
  6. Drag and drop the file downloaded .jar into mods folders
  7. Launcher your minecraft game and playing!
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