Blood N Bones Gaming Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.7.10

Welcome to another cool mod called Blood N Bones Gaming Mod. This mod comes up with a really creative ideas of making the mod suits the game which established in March of 2015. Actually this name is a team of content creators that will always bring people the best tools and content provided including of world customization to modpacks.

Blood N Bones Gaming Mod

Blood N Bones Gaming Mod

Blood N Bones Gaming Mod

Blood N Bones Gaming Mod will provide you so many mods including of Advanced Spawn Control Mod, Block Physics Mod, Dimensional Control Mod, Suspended Server Mod and Triumph Mod which all of them require or need BNBGaingLib tobe installed which will allow every mods provided work properly. Advanced Spawn Control is a mod that will allow a greater range of flexibility to a mudpack maker’s to actually control where the mobs will be spawned which also include dimension specific lists that allow diversity. Next, Block Physics is a mod adding various falling block physics to the world of Minecraft to make all the blocks in the world become much more realistic. The Dimensional Control Mod is like a mod that will give the mudpack creators a greater control in term of dimension both existing ones and the new ones. Suspended Server Mod will actually prevent time from progressing in the world of Minecraft. Last one is the Triumph Mod is a simple mod that will remove Minecraft achievements and add in new achievements instead based on various triggers.

So, there are so many new things added if all those new mods being installed to ones server that will help players to have much more fun while playing the game. If you are interested in this mod, so be sure to give this Blood N Bones Gaming Mod a try!

Blood N Bones Gaming Mod Main Features

  • Currently, there are 5 mods included in Blood N Bones Gaming Mod which provide things that help to improve the aspect of the gameplay.
  • Allow the players or mod makers to have a greater control of the mobs spawned, dimension and server time and many more

Blood N Bones Gaming Mod Pros and Cons


  • If you are a mod maker, these mods will really help you in making from simple mod to advanced
  • Allow the host to have a greater control of their server in various ways


  • This mod needs Minecraft Forge to install
  • This mod requires BNBGamingLib Mod to be installed first to make all the mods work properly

How to install Blood N Bones Gaming Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge as it’s required
  2. Download and install BNBGamingLib first to help stabilizing the mod
  3. Download Blood N Bones Gaming Mod from the link download below
  4. Go to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  5. Find mods folder and open it
  6. Place the downloaded file into the mods folder
  7. All done
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