Bomb Defuse Map

Have you ever used TNT in the world of Minecraft? If you do so, you might know how powerful it is right? Most of the time people using TNT to explode things like the hills or to make the holes, something like that, but have you ever expected that it is TNT and there must be the way to defuse it, but Vanilla doesn’t give us that features, so that features are in this map for you to play with which is called Bomb Defuse Map.

Bomb Defuse Map

Bomb Defuse Map is a really cool map which will give you to features that Minecraft Vanilla does not give you. Obviously, as much as you can guess from the title of this map, this is the map which is all about the bomb defused or the TNT defused. In this map there is a really large TNT in the map with the countdown timer which will keep decreasing. You will have to defuse this bomb before it explodes. So, all you have to do is to defuse the bomb by selecting the wires to cut off, there are 5 of them which is purple, red, green, blue, and yellow. Once you cut, you must put or hit the test button which will inform you how many wires are correct or not. So, you will have to hit that button each time you cut the wires.

If you find this awesome Bomb Defuse Map interesting and enjoyable, so there is no reason to reject this map! You will enjoy loads of fun given by this awesome map for sure. If you want to play a mini game in the world of Minecraft, just try this map out and please give me some feedback, so that I will find this kind of map for you guys again in the next review 😀

Bomb Defuse Map Main Features

  • This is the map that full of challenges which you will have to defuse the bomb or the TNT that has countdown time

Bomb Defuse Map Pros and Cons


  • This is just a mini game that you could enjoy it for thousand rounds
  • You can also set the time that when will the bomb explodes as well
  • This is not a potential or big map, but full of fun!


  • This map does not contain so much details for what you’d expect
  • This map ends quite fast per round, but you can play it anytime that you want

How to install Bomb Defuse Map

  1. Download Bomb Defuse Map from the download link below
  2. Go to %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft
  3. Find saves folder and open it
  4. Simply place the downloaded file into the saves folder
  5. Done
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