Bookshelf Mod

It’s a new feature which adds re-usable code, you can called this Bookshelf Mod is a core/library mod that look pretty cool. Moreover, it’s improve some feature which useful for mod-packs and servers.

Bookshelf Mod

Bookshelf Mod 1

Bookshelf Mod 2

Bookshelf Mod 3

Bookshelf Mod which will allow you to build Bookshelf easier by using ‘Forge Gradle’ that included as part of repository. So, when you guys would like to compile the mod, just command ‘gradlew build’ then download it. Also, another features that user should know about it’s 4 different feature : Attribute Caps, Bookshelves, Crash Comments, Additional Ore Dict

Bookshelf Mod Main Features

What’s the 4 different feature? Okay guys! let’s take a look these.

  • Attribute Caps: This features improve and fix a lot of health, attack damage and armor points (It’s change something in Vanilla and nobody unnoticed)
  • Bookshelves: Like you know, it’s adds bookshelves and look like the vanilla bookshelf in game which including this’s a part of ore dictionary.
  • Crash Comments: Adds something witty messages for crash messages, that’s mean you guys can sent your own messages and remove all of the vanilla.
  • Additional Ore Dict: The ore dictionary should have some vanilla stuff in there, but there aren’t. So, this feature will improve some stuff like the ‘stone types’, ‘gates’, ‘beds’ or something that should be in the ore dictionary.

Bookshelf Mod Pros and Cons


  • Core/library mod it’s a main features of this mod that help you to get new useful features for modpacks and servers
  • Adds re-usable code, that you guys can using across several different mods


  • First of all, you should to install the ‘Minecraft Forge’ before doing anything.

How to install Bookshelf Mod

  1. Download and install the Forge at first time.
  2. Go to install the Bookshelf Mod
  3. Open ‘run’ menu on your windows bar
  4. Type %appdata% and looking folder .minecraft
  5. Drag and drop the file downloaded .jar into the mods folder
  6. Start your game and playing!
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