The BossCraft Mod is will allow you to get new adventure, that adds your minecraft world approximately 8 bosses and normal mobs. This is last update version with current Minecraft version, and can compatible old version too. If you want to download BossCraft Mod in new Minecraft version, please remember something, it’s can complete 50% right now. So, If you want to playing old version, I suggest more than new version. Last, if you want to get fun much more, Just go to Minecraft homepage. It will show mod, texture pack, map, skin. Let’s fun.

BossCraft Mod BossCraft Mod BossCraft Mod

BossCraft Mod Description

The BossCraft mod will spawn bosses in its place for example, mummies will spawn in desert places which the pharoah and the piramid is located. Also, In Mountain Biomes you can find these small Blocks, jumping around in the air and creating an explosion when they jump. They can jump up to 15 blocks and spawn usually alone, and Fire spiders could be found in caves like most normal spiders however they only spawn in darkness. So, If you interesting about this mod and want to see much more. Just look at link download here.

BossCraft Mod Changelogs

  • Update new release complete in current minecraft version.

BossCraft Mod Features

  • Add new 6 boss monster and 7 mob.
  • Add new feature much more, look at in video it will show you more detail.

How to Install BossCraft Mod

  1. Start and find “run”
  2. Type “%appdata%”
  3. Then find “.minecraft”
  4. Then “bin”
  5. Open the “minecraft.jar” with winrar
  6. Copy and paste the mod contents here
  7. Delete META-INF
  8. Let’s fun!

Credit : Sthullen