Bow to Gun Resource Pack

Are you looking for something to help enhance the aspect of the game and at the same time it will also help to maintain the original content of the game to stay still. With this awesome Bow to Gun Resource Pack that will do that for you which you will find it interesting as well.

Bow to Gun Resource Pack

Bow to Gun Resource Pack

Bow to Gun Resource Pack is a really cool resource pack that completely changes some of the items’ textures to be something new and modern which that will help to deliver you to another level of Minecraft. Some of the items’ texture changed are bow, type of sword and armor. If you cannot imagine of it, so here is some example for you guys including of bow will change into gun or desert eagle. It’s as simple as that which you can also guess from the title of the resource pack showing that this pack is based or it will focus on making texture of bow into a pistol which it also changes some other thing like sword, armor and food. Wooden sword becomes butterfly knife, stone sword becomes crowbar, iron sword becomes katana, and diamond sword becomes chainsaw. Arrow becomes magazine. Not only those textures changed, but the block textures inside this pack is changed to be something more beautiful with the edges of the blocks and some shadow that suit everything up together.

If you find this awesome Bow to Gun Resource Pack interesting and awesome as you want some of the texture existing in your world to look much more luxury or modern comparing to the thing in real world which you are going to enjoy the gameplay much more.

Bow to Gun Resource Pack Main Features

  • The resolution of this resource pack is 256×256
  • New skin for tools, weapons and armors changed
  • HD texture packs

Bow to Gun Resource Pack Pros and Cons


  • HD texture pack with such detailed textures
  • New level of gaming experience gaining from this awesome HD pack
  • Epic looking which will change your Minecraft world completely to be something special that you have never seen before


  • Those who are going to use this pack might be confused because of some of the items’ textures are changed completely
  • The resolution of this texture pack might be too high for some people

How to install Bow to Gun Resource Pack

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first
  2. Download the resource pack
  3. Open Minecraft and go to option/resource packs/open resource packs folder
  4. Drag the zip or rar file you downloaded into that folder
  5. Select the new pack that just appeared with the name and you’re ready to go!
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