Boxicated Map

Another map that I would like recommend you guys to check and give this awesome map a go. You will never experience something like this map gives you before. Warn! Be sure to have fun! If you love playing survival map, this one might be the best one for you. Less resources, you will have to take all of your survival skills to survive in this awesome Boxicated Map. Even though, there is not much thing for you to comfort, but that is the main objective of this map which will grant you survival abilities as well.

Boxicated Map

Boxicated Map

Boxicated Map

Boxicated Map is a really cool map which is really nice created. As you can see from the awesome screenshots above, that obviously shows that it is a survival map which made by the developer ‘Whip_Streak’. When you start playing this map, you will be spawned inside a small ‘box’ and you will receive some resources and supplies. All you have to do is to challenge which you have to survive as long as you can. As I have tried playing this map, loads of fun given and I got them all. The map that provides challenges, who don’t love it? lol. Challenge is thing that most of you Minecrafters know that is the most important thing that lately has been lacking for Minecraft. If you are kind of a person that love to use your skill and knowledge to build something or solve puzzle, this might not be for you. For the resources that you will get once you start the game is only one tree with limited wood and leaves, water and lava source, sugar cane, cactus, and crafting table. You will have to survive with things given as long as you can. There are some simple rules that you have to be strict with including do not use any mod, do not purposely die to regenerate your hunger bar or health bar, do not leave the box and do not play on peaceful, that’s it!

Boxicated Map Main Features

  • You start with only one tree with limited wood and leaves
  • 1 block of lava source, 1 block of water source
  • Only one crafting table
  • Survive as long as you can
  • There are some secrets hidden in this map
  • Full of challenges

Boxicated Map Pros and Cons


  • Loads of fun which full of challenges as well
  • You can gain much more your survival abilities while playing in this map
  • You can use resources wisely due the lack of them


  • Just a bit resource for you and that might not be enough for you to survive
  • This map might be too hard for some people or newbies

How to install Boxicated Map

  1. Browse to %appdata%, roaming, .minecraft and look for saves folder
  2. Download Boxicated Map from the download link below
  3. Simply copy and paste the downloaded file into saves folder
  4. Start the game
  5. Select the map from your menu selection
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