Bullseye Mod

Hey guys! what’s up? Welcome back to another minecraft mod, today I’m gonna be reviewing the Bullseye Mod. It’s an epic mod adds and tons of new arrows and without further ado. This is new type simple mod that useful for many player. Now! We have a new arrow type such as fire arrow, ice arrow, dye arrow and more. You can see many arrow that I review below of this content. Let’s get into it.

Bullseye Mod

Bomb Arrow:

  • Alright guys, we’re going to be testing out the arrows one by one and let’s start with the Bomb Arrow, you always get four arrows when you craft. So this one is fourth the size of TNT, but It’s not as big of an explosion as the TNT. I’m pretty sure these do the normal amount of damage but some of the arrows are actually weaker. I’m pretty sure that the bomb arrow does the same amount of damage as a normal arrow

Bullseye Mod Pic 1

Diamond Arrow:

  • Next up is Diamond Arrow and this is crafted with a diamond and you get four of arrows and it does more than twice the damage of a normal arrow but there are no other effects.

Bullseye Mod Pic 2

Dye Arrow:

  • Alright so let’s go on to the next arrow for the third one. We have the Dye Arrow, this one’s actually really cool and it does one eighth of the damage of a normal arrow and you can dye stuff with it. So, you can use any kind of dye in the game and you’ll get one of these sixteen different dye here. Example, you can dye leather armor on a player and you can dye sheep, carpet, pains, glass panes, stained clay, wool and normal glass in a color on the dog. Also, you know doesn’t matter what color they are always dye them the color of the arrow

Bullseye Mod Pic 3

Egg Arrow:

  • And on to the next one which is the Egg Arrow, this one’s actually pretty awesome and it has a chance to spawn in a baby chicken and is craft with an egg.

Bullseye Mod Pic 4

Extinguishing Arrow:

  • Next one is the Extinguishing Arrow, it’s crafted with a water bottle and it puts out fire removes dye in terms of lava into obsidian. This one is probably the most useful line yet. It doesn’t turn the color back to its default color which is kind of disappointing and it doesn’t turn carpet to a different color doesn’t even not even wool. So, I guess doesn’t do all the things but it breaks torches and it turns lava to obsidian and it puts out fires. it’s actually pretty useful and it’s really easy to craft. Last, this must do the same amount of damage as any normal arrow by two times. I think that does normal amount of damage

Bullseye Mod Pic 5

Fire Arrow:

  • The next one which is a Fire Arrow crafted with blaze powder has this nice little enchantment effect and it catches mob / blocks on fire and it will melt ice and snow. So, it kind of is the opposite of that one in a way. Such as, when you hit the melt ice I mean snow and ice, it return’s packed ice into normal ice

Bullseye Mod Pic 6

Ice Arrow:

  • Okay, another one is Ice Arrow so it’s kind of the opposite of the fire arrow. It’s like the water ice in fire they’re all kind of opposites of each other again this one is crafted with a snowball and once again cool little chant enchantment effect and it turns water to ice and snow. Example, If we shoot the water it will turn it to ice and then if we shoot the ice it will turn it to snow on top.

Bullseye Mod Pic 7

Lightning Arrow:

  • Let’s take a look one more arrow. Lightning Arrow this one’s crafted with a nether star. However, when you want to craft this I must tell you, it’s so hard to find the wither wing. This arrow make strikes lightning lights mobs on fire and it’s pretty awesome.

Bullseye Mod Pic 8

Training Arrow:

  • Last, for the final one we have Training Arrow is crafted with a rabbit hide. Please, remember do not use Leather. It does no damage and not stick into mobs, when you shoot something with it though this one, it just bounces right off the entity. That’s mean you can pick them back up. So, I recommend you to use this when you want to practice your archery skills.

Bullseye Mod Pic 9

Bullseye Mod Main Feature

  • Add many new Type arrow like: Lightning, Ice, Fire, Egg, Dye and more
  • This will help you to kill the mob easy and many useful for you.

Bullseye Mod Pros and Cons


  • Optimize your gameplay and add a variety of arrow attributes.
  • The features of the arrows will allow you to effectively manage things within the game.


  • Of course, it is not suitable for players who do not like challenges and crave excitement.
  • These features require installing Minecraft Forge to make the game more productive.

How to install Bullseye Mod

  1. First, you should download and install the Minecraft Forge
  2. Download and install the Bullseye Mod
  3. Locate by open Run on start menu and type %appdata%
  4. You will see the Mod folder
  5. Just, copy and past the download .jar file into the mod folder
  6. Don’t forget to check the mod.
  7. Have fun! You will found the mod installed.
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