Cake Defense 2 Map

After playing the first one for a while, I was waiting for the second edition of it to be launched. Now here it is. I’m so excited about playing this map. Also, it looks extremely well done. The things I’m talking is Cake Defense 2 Map. Be sure to check it out !

Cake Defense 2 Map2

Cake Defense 2 Map It’s a map which is developed from the first edition of it. The details of this map are still the same, like you defend your cake from 24 waves coming of Herobrine’s minions. Earn gold by killing them, then buy upgrades and abilities and add more interesting things in the game. Such as, New types of mobs added, included 25 types of them, the attack, defense and agility status all upgraded, there are also some special abilities. By pressing the buttons on the candles will start the game. In the early game the bow is your friend indeed. You might try to get a double gold ability whenever you can afford it, it does help a lot.

This Cake Defense 2 Map is really impressive. I had so much fun, almost spent all day long just playing this awesome map. If you don’t believe me, try it on your own, then tell me how’d you think of it.

Cake Defense 2 Map Main Features

  • 1-3 players cooperation
  • More mob added
  • Upgraded attack, defense, and agility.
  • New special abilities added
  • New 2500+ command blocks added

Cake Defense 2 Map Pros and Cons


  • Really impressive map
  • Very well-done
  • Full of fun, I really enjoyed it


  • Requires command blocks to be enabled on servers
  • Not compatible with Bukkit
  • Requires Optifine in order to properly install

How to install Cake Defense 2 Map

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first
  2. Download Cake Defense 2 Map
  3. Browse to your ‘saves’ folder in your ‘.minecraft’ folder
  4. By go to start and type in %appdata% and look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  5. Then, find ‘saves’ folder
  6. Put the file you downloaded into the ‘saves’ folder
  7. Start the game
  8. Choose your map
  9. Enjoy !
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