Calendar Extension Mod 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

If you have tried the FRSM Mod before, the mod that I’m going to present you today won’t be a matter to your decision. First of all, this mod is called Calendar Extension Mod. It actually is an extension for FRSM Mod. According to the features of the original one that only gives you useful stuff that can be used as decoration, but work like a real one in your real life, so does this one.

Calendar Extension Mod

Calendar Extension Mod

Calendar Extension Mod

Calendar Extension Mod is a mod made by FEX_96 which is actually like an extension for the main mod called FRSM which everything based on the real world technology. But this time this mod will add some new clocks and calendars into your world once it’s installed. It’s not just like the simple clocks and calendars that only acts as decorations because they all actually works! As this mod is based on is an extension for the FRSM, you are going to need to have that mod installed first or this mod won’t work. Currently, there are 2 types of clocks and calendars and they are system time and custom time. System time will show your current system time. However, the custom time will show a custom time and it need an item to toggle that to work. Most of you would have probably thought about the world time system for the clocks right? Those will be definitely added because they are all planned.

Those new clocks and calendars work really well and extremely useful if you are those who love being responsible to yourself and other people. If you find this Calendar Extension Mod useful, be sure to give it a go! Even if this is just a simple and little add-on, but the features given are really useful and can be used for real.

Calendar Extension Mod Main Features

  • This mod adds some new clocks and calendars that are actually working for real into the world of Minecraft
  • There are currently 2 types of clocks and calendars including of System Time and Custom Time

Calendar Extension Mod Pros and Cons


  • These clocks and calendars will be very useful to help you not to forget the plan for the days that you have already planned for
  • As it shows the time in-game, you now will not miss any appointment or your daily routine
  • Everything will be on schedule directly, you won’t stay out the line for sure


  • This mod currently works only in 1.8 Minecraft
  • You need to download and install Minecraft Forge first
  • You also must have FRSM Mod installed as well before installing and playing with this mod

How to install Calendar Extension Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first as it’s required to be installed to your game
  2. Download Calendar Extension Mod with the .zip or .rar file from the downloaded link below
  3. Then open up the search browser and type in %appdata%
  4. Go into the roaming folder as well as .minecraft folder
  5. Look for mods folder, place the downloaded file in here
  6. Everything done
  7. Start game and enjoy with it
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