Candy Texture Pack

Hello fellow gamers all, today I invite you to experience the world of fantasy, which allows you to get ideas and experience in cartoon format. If you are one of the favorite cartoon or obsession with reading comic books, a TV cartoon, the comics Marvel and games. Candy Texture Pack is one of the interesting features and you should not miss. With today’s technology can help you improve your game and have more fun, you can start to download and install this version from here, just look for the download link below.

Candy Texture Pack

Candy Texture Pack 1

Candy Texture Pack 2

Candy Texture Pack will change the feel of your existing. It has been designed and updated the latest version of Minecraft. If you feel bored with the same things and want to change the world into a multi-colored sweets and candy.

Personally, I found the fun again, which changes the world into a sweet, Shawnee, chocolate sauce, strawberries and other, it creates a lot of color and imagination in your world and help you have fun and new experiences. So, if you want to get new experiences. I recommend that you download and install this version.

Candy Texture Pack Main Feature

It’s a remarkable and distinct features of Texture Packs other. So, if you ever have the experience of playing a board game CandyLand. You’ll find exactly what you expect from the download and installation this texture pack, it will change. your Minecraft world to look as bread , candy and icing.

How to install Candy Texture Pack

Candy Texture Pack Resolution : 16×16

  1. Download and install the Texture Pack
  2. Run type in %appdata%
  3. Drop the CandyCraft .zip folder into the .minecraft\texturepacks folder (Do not extract)
  4. Start Minecraft and Select the Candy Texture Pack
  5. Let’s fun!
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