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On December 22, 2013
Last modified:March 16, 2014


Car Mod it's popular mod that will change your car from an ordinary car into a BMW Best Car of the Year. This is the most popular car that many people want to own. If you are one of those who love the game Minecraft, this is the version you should not miss. You can download and install it at the link below Car Mod.

Car Mod is a great work of developers who have been inspired by the game “Need For Speed”, other racing games and much more. He developed it to function well in the latest version of Minecraft, this is a work that features allow players to travel much faster. Obviously, if you want to download, and if you are ready to install this version. You can download and install it from here. Just look for the link at the bottom of the article. We sincerely hope that you will get good experience and are happy with the gaming world….

Car Mod

Car is a vehicle hits from the past to the present. It changes the many on our planet is huge. It makes our world has been quick and easy. Sure, it’s faster than horses, they are on. In addition, it has been enhanced with the development potential of the car so that it is comfortable and suitable for all ages. However, in the world of gaming, we found it to be developed as well. Many games have taken a key component is the car. To help you play the game more colorful. If you are a car enthusiast and love. Or, if you wanted to test its performance. This is the version I’d recommend “Car Mod“.

Car Mod

How to Install Car Mod

  1.  Download and install Forge
  2. Download the Car Mod
  3. Then put the mod .zip file into your mods folder.
  4. If you don’t have, just make one.
  5. Start minecraft
  6. Fun!

  • Jack

    that is 1.4.5 not 1.4.7 lol -.-

  • greenninja829

    WTF NO 1.6.2!

    • Admin

      Nice! version

  • greenninja829

    WHY NO 1.6.2 WHY IS IT 1.7.7!!!!1

    • Admin

      Please update this version for me! Thank.

  • Admin

    now! work on 1.6.4 and 1.7.4

  • crazycoder_01

    Why don’t the cars spawn?

  • iamcool90

    I need help to download mods can someone tell me how?

  • iamcool90

    do u need a app or something

  • brookie

    where do you download the mod?

  • bellza

    how do we download guy’s??

  • bellza

    is this jst a vid if it is dum

  • bellza

    if u cant get this one just go on another website it sucks when you cant get it

  • Aidan


    • Ben

      is your last name baldwin?

  • CrimsonDay

    Does it work with multiplayer if both players have the mod?

  • ولد الشحي
    for people who don’t know how to download

  • ole benthner

    i cant dont download this mod :(

  • Super kid

    It won’t let me place the car

  • Christian

    why i cant download why?

  • Christian

    why i cant place a can and its not showed

  • Bosspp


  • kfd

    it doesent works for me
    i copyed the .zip file in the mods folder but when i start the game it shows me no mods

  • bobster


  • bobster

    where is the download buuttton

  • Keralis 2

    where to download


    easy guys to download it just click on show more then scroll download so you ill see the download button :D but the promblem when i open my moded minecraft it’s cant load this mod why?

  • JEANESY101


  • Someone

    Where is the download…?

  • joeri martin

    its not work

  • hazz

    the cars wont place

  • alla Cool

    it not working better fix it bro………….

  • someone

    guys click “show more” then find the download button!!!

  • Problem?

    It looks like a gmod car.

  • Problem?

    Just sayin