Carpenter’s Axe Mod

That simply adds in a new set of axes which is the carpenter axe that has been designed for the purpose of farming planks. Basically, when you break logs, you will normally receive a wood block right? But breaking by using this new axe will result in automatically refined 5 piece or planks instead. Carpenter’s Axe Mod it’s pretty convenient right? However, let’s check it recipe first! You are going to need 1 extra materials to craft this from the regular axe grid form.

I know what’s in your head right now that is it going to be worth that I have to spend 1 extra diamond for the automatically refined tool? As you can see that I mentioned 5 pieces per 1 block of wood! Anyway, that depends on the level of fortune that you have on the axe as well. Every level of fortune will yield another 33% chance of dropping a 6th plank. As long as you have fortune level 3, then you are ensured to have a 6th plank drop. This mod also supports so many tree based mod as well including Biomes O’ Plenty, Forestry, and Natura.

Reading with your own eyes won’t be that engaging. I recommend you trying this Carpenter’s Axe Mod out yourself to see if it’s useful or not. For me it did though. But I don’t like the fact that I have to change to use normal axe when I want to keep the beautiful pattern of the wood log instead of plank.

Carpenter’s Axe Mod Main Features

  • This mod applies in a new set of axes which has been designed especially for farming planks, breaking logs which will automatically drop 5 pieces of planks instead of a wood block

Carpenter’s Axe Mod Pros and Cons


  • It’s obviously useful and better when you get one plank extra
  • You can even upgrade this new axe by the level of fortune which will give another 33% chance of dropping a next extra plank
  • This mod supports Biomes O’ Plenty, Forestry, Natura and any mod that adds in new tree which can be added in the config file later as well


  • It seems like crafting this new axe would cost you extra materials as well
  • It may not be necessary for its features that automatically turns log into planks because some people rather want the wood log ones stored

How to install Carpenter’s Axe Mod

  1. Minecraft Forge required, so download and install it first and be sure that it’s the most compatible version comparing to your game
  2. Download the Carpenter’s Axe Mod file with the latest version.
  3. Go to %appdata% and open in .minecraft folder
  4. In here, find mods folder and open it
  5. Drop the downloaded file here without extracting it
  6. Start the game
  7. Have fun
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