Chest Transporter Mod

Now, have you ever wanted to move a chest without having the items spill out everywhere or having to take the items out put them in another chest and bring the chest and move that chest? OMG! it’s just a hassle, I am sure you don’t want to deal with it, you just want to be able to pick that chest up move it over and not have any problems with it. So, if you ready to using this awesome mod called the Chest Transporter Mod. Just check this mod out when you ready!

Chest Transporter Mod

Chest Transporter Mod 2

Chest Transporter Mod 1

So, now we start to talking about this Chest Transporter Mod. This is a question that you should to asking for now. What this mod does is it allows you to do that. First of all, if you want to use this then you must to create a tool first in order to do this. Okay! let’s start to lean craft, first step you should create the tools like a hook with one stick, that’s mean you should have 6 stick for transform to “Chest Transporter”.

Next step, if you want to start to use it! Just use your right click and you can see it on you hands. And then if you want to move the chest to another way, just pick it up and put it down to somewhere that you want. It’s look super easy, Right! So, when you have many inventory in you chest, how do you do? Just keeps repeating itself over and over again by pick it up and put this down. Now! open the chest and you can see the item it still in your inventory.

However, it have a cons that can make you die super fast when you take damage by enemy. This mod that’s make you super slow when you hold the chest and walk around. Last, I would like to say thankyou very much to watching this site and download the mod, hope you enjoy and see you next time on another mod.

Chest Transporter Mod Main Features

  • We need 6 stick to craft the mod then you can use your mouse by right click to hold the chest
  • You can try to use this it one time to transport a chest and it only work with the vanilla Chest.

Chest Transporter Mod Pros and Cons


  • You will not feel cumbersome whenever you use this mod and you want to move your chest. It’s look amazing and super easy.
  • Your inventory will be kept and will not disappear when you move the chest.


  • Like I told you before! Whenever you move while holding a chest, you move more slowly than usual.

How to install Chest Transporter Mod

  1. Download and install the Minecraft Forge before install this mod
  2. Download the Chest Transporter Mod
  3. Open run from the start menu
  4. Browse to %appdata%
  5. You can see the folder of Minecraft
  6. Copy and past the mod .jar into your mod folder
  7. Run the game
  8. Done!
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