ChickenBones Mod for the widow to be further improved, it still works well and it’s been released for the latest version of Minecraft. If you experience problems with the operation or error, we recommend that you install. The MC Forge and in case you want to use. ForgeMultipart, please place in your mods folder.

Finally, it has been developed in the last version, thanks for being patient and waiting for this version, if you have questions or need further information, please leave your comments at the bottom of the article. We hope that you will have a fun and great experience.

ChickenBones Mod

ChickenBones Mod Changelogs

Changes to NEI and CodeChickenCore.
Update checker and NEI has received quite a nice configuration overhaul with more to come.
No more CoreMods folder anymore
Please look at all mods go in Mods
Don’t forget update forge (Version 800+) this will fix NoSuchFieldError: mcDir.

How to download and install ChickenBones Mod

  1. Requires Minecraft Forge.
  2. WR-CBE requires ForgeMulitpart, a opensource library for having multiple things in the one block space. Get it at http://files.minecra…ForgeMultipart/
  3. CodeChickenCore will automatically download a dependancy, CodeChickenLib, into your mods folder. Do not get spooked out.
  4. All mods require CodeChickenCore.
  5. All mods go in the mods folder.