Chisel 3 Mod

Feeling bored of playing Minecraft at the moment? If you do so, I have something new to present and recommend you guys which is this mod that called Chisel 3 Mod. This mod is quite special for me, it does not stray too far from how Original Minecraft should be. But it’s way much more fun playing Minecraft with this mod. So, please check it out!

Chisel 3 Mod

Chisel 3 Mod is a really cool and interesting mod which made by ‘TheCricket26′. As you may have heard about this mod, at that time it was about to die, but TheCricket26 kept it alive! Basically, this mod add a huge various of static blocks to the world of Minecraft. Perhaps, the main goal of this mod might be very useful for those who like the construction aspect of Minecraft.

First of all, the way to start using this mod is that you will have to craft Chisel first by using a iron ingot and a stick in a diagonal pattern. Once you get it you just open Chisel GUI and place any block in the middle and you can easily turn it into other blocks of the same type which is very fast and convenient to do without having to craft those other type of blocks by yourself.

As you can see some awesome screenshots above, that would tell you all of this mod though. More than that, there are also new two toys for you to enjoy with including the Ball O’ Moss and the Cloud In a Bottle. You just right click these items and they will be thrown away, and when they are landed thses blocks will do a various of different things, let’s see these features by yourself. As you know if there is too much spoil, it would not be fun right? hehe:P

This Chisel 3 Mod is free to use in any modpacks, without any permission, but if you tell the modder or the creator of this mod would be nice. Anyways, I hope you enjoy playing with this awesome mod, have a good day though!

Chisel 3 Mod Main Features

  • You can have other type of blocks of the same type once you place a blick in the middle of carve blocks
  • There are two new items added including the Ball O’ Moss, and the Cloud in a Bottle
  • New GUI for carve blocks which look brand new

Chisel 3 Mod Pros and Cons


  • A very useful and convenient mod that came up with pretty good ideas
  • You can easily turn into other blocks of the same type by placing a block in the middle of carve blocks
  • Two new items which are really interesting and fun to play with


  • This is quite a complicated mod, if you do not read about the information about this mod, you might not be able to use it properly
  • This mod is quite big and it requires Minecraft Forge installed to your fresh Minecraft to work properly without any problems occurred

How to install Chisel 3 Mod

  1. Forge is a must, so get it first and install it to your Minecraft
  2. Download Chisel 3 Mod from the link download button before
  3. Once you go in the download page, there will be many version, just download only one version that you want to use
  4. Then, press window button + R and type in %appdata%
  5. Open .minecraft folder and look for mods folder
  6. After that, you just drag the downloaded file into the mods folder
  7. Finished
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