ChocoCraft Mod

If I ask you about Final Fantasy game, what would you think of it ? It would be about its graphics right ? The game look so interesting with heavily and amazingly detailed. Now, most of you would know that Chocobo is one of the main thing in Final Fantasy. What If I tell you this ChocoCraft Mod add Chocobo to the world of Minecraft ? Sounds awesome right ? Let’s check it !

ChocoCraft Mod

ChocoCraft Mod

ChocoCraft Mod

ChocoCraft Mod is a mod which will add new mob which is called Chocobo to the Minecraft world. This little cute chicken comes with several different color of it and each color will have different attributes in their future, I mean grow up :P. They can be found in the wild. Also, all of them can be tamed by using “Gysahl Greens”. This plants can also be found in the wild. You can plant it too by sowing Gysahl Seeds.Moreover, these cute Chocobo can be breed and procreate and they will inherit the type from one of their parents or mutate into new types. By the average Chocobos are yellow and the rest will have different colors, green, blue, white, black. There are also 2 secret types of them which is red, pink, and purple. All of them are ridable.

What do you think about it ? If the ChocoCraft Mod is install on server. I don’t want to spoil that what each of them can do ? 😛 It’s a secret. You have to figure it out by yourself for the most of fun hehe :D.

ChocoCraft Mod Main Features

  • New mob added which is CHOCOBO !!!
  • Gysahl Greens added
  • Raw Chocobo Leg added
  • Cooked Chocobo Leg added
  • Chocobo Feather added

ChocoCraft Mod Pros and Cons


  • Many new items and blocks to enjoy with
  • New animal to ride through the Minecraft world


  • Requires Modloader in order to properly install
  • Some minor bug that can not be fixed, (does not crash your game)

ChocoCraft Mod Change Log

  • Chocobo Abilities added
  • New type of Chocobo added
  • Some issue fixed
  • Compatibility with the latest version of Minecraft

How to install ChocoCraft Mod

  1. This mod requires Modloader in order to install and use it without any problems
  2. Download the ChocoCraft Mod
  3. Press Start, then type in %appdata%
  4. Look for ‘.minecraft’ folder
  5. Find ‘mods’ folder
  6. Then, drag and drop the whole file into the ‘mods’ folder (do not unzip)
  7. Start the game and check the mod
  8. Enjoy
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