Christmas Calendar Map

Do you love parkour? I asked that because most people enjoy it at first and then get bored of it. This might be because most people have already mastered running and jumping skills, but you know what? Sometimes, there is something that you can’t do even if you have put too much effort into it. And that is what we call it challenge! Not only challenge that attract us, but the design of the parkour map is what we also need as well. As a result, this Christmas Calendar Map provides you both of that, just check it out!

Christmas Calendar Map

Christmas Calendar Map

Christmas Calendar Map is a really huge and cool map made by minecraft-pg5. First of all, this map is a custom map based on parkour. I promise that it’s not going to be boring. It’s a very huge parkour based map that is categorized the stage into 24 stages which differ in level, difficulty, atmosphere, theme, and many more factors. It’s going to be like any other parkour map, but the difference is in each level you progress, the harder difficulties. In addition, you won’t be bored of seeing the theme of each levels as they are all designed uniquely and beautifully. It means that you will enjoy watching the theme even if you don’t run or jump. Anyways, all the levels are including of the Old Library, Snowfall, Path of Pharaohs, Mushroom Land, the Nether, Jungle Drum, Dwarf Mine, Redstone Lab, the End, the Office, Nether Prison, Falling Kingdom, Crazy Dungeon, Water Temple, Creeper Temple, Old Train Station, City Skyline, Peaceful Farm, Candy World, Redstone Lab 2, Doomsday, Brainf*ck, Stronghold of Depth, Santa’s House. All of these fit perfectly for their names and themes. These are what you will be facing once you have it installed.

If you are looking for a parkour map providing you more challenge and more beautiful of the map design which different from any other parkour maps that you have played with, this Christmas Calendar Map is a must download and you will know yourself that it’s worth to do so. You are going to play with many levels with different themes and difficulties.

Christmas Calendar Map Main Features

  • This is a half custom and adventure map based on parkour
  • There are currently 24 levels provided with different themes of each level as well

Christmas Calendar Map Pros and Cons


  • You won’t get bored of this parkour map because it provides you brand new and different stages with the unique theme that let you enjoy parkouring while viewing surroundings
  • Loads of fun, tons of challenges, neatly beautiful designed in each level
  • This is a pretty big map, it means that you will enjoy it for minutes or days


  • This map is based on parkour, everything is getting used to it and it comes boring easily. Luckily, this one has the beautiful designs in each level to distract them from getting bored easily and more likely to let them enjoy playing withj

How to install Christmas Calendar Map

  1. Download Christmas Calendar Map from the link download highlighted below
  2. Once you head into the download link, just select and download only one version that you think it’s the most compatible or the same version with yours
  3. Start search browser and type in %appdata%/.minecraft/saves
  4. In the saves folder, you just drag and drop that downloaded file into this folder
  5. Launch the game
  6. Check if the map is installed properly
  7. Then, apply and have fun
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