ChristmasCraft Mod For Minecraft 1.8/1.7.10/1.6.4

Hello! Today I would like to welcome you to the article “ChristmasCraft Mod” which, in this article we will discuss the important stories of Christmas. I am sure that many people would be prepared socks on. And is excited about decorating your home with Christmas trees. Okay, today I suggest that you download and install this version. To change the atmosphere inside the game to meet the Christmas season. If you are ready to start, and change your world. You can download and install it from here. I hope it will make you fun and a great experience.

ChristmasCraft Mod comes with a version that has been updated to the latest version V.3.0 you will find the winter snow cover throughout the month of December. List of items which have been designed to Christmas. It also has designed a Christmas tree and home improvements to ensure compliance with this festival. This is an excellent and interesting, which personally I really love this festival so much. I do not miss to install this version ChristmasCraft Mod. Okay, if you are ready to start the season as well as me. What are you waiting?

ChristmasCraft Mod

ChristmasCraft Mod

ChristmasCraft Mod Feature

Deck and improve your room, warm clothing (designed for Christmas). There is also a preparation for the celebration of Christmas and many other items. You will find recipes for Christmas. The design includes a beautiful Christmas tree that you can decorate as well. Also you can get ice skates, which help speed you on a walk on the ice. If you want to improve the snow season. You can change the settings in ChristmasCraft.cfg! When you are finished, the ice begins to melt and disappear

ChristmasCraft Mod Recipes

ChristmasCraft Mod Recipes ChristmasCraft Mod Recipes

ChristmasCraft Mod Recipes ChristmasCraft Mod Recipes

Recipes: MORE

How to install ChristmasCraft Mod

  1. Download ChristmasCraft 3.0.0
  2. Download and install Minecraft Forge V.9.11
  3. Run Minecraft Forge first!
  4. Unzip the ChristmasCraft
  5. Then find a ChristmasCraft_3.0.0.jar file
  6. Copy ChristmasCraft_3.0.0.jar into your Minecraft “mods”
  7. Merry Christmas and enjoy the festival.

*Finally, if you want to install “ChristmasCraft. Mod “on your server. Other players need to download and install “ChristmasCraft. Mod “to be able to connect and run applications on the server.

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