ChromatiCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Those who have read the forum of Reika’s mods would make the right guess of what i’m going to provide for you. Actually it’s the mod coming up with pretty interesting and intense details which this mod is called ChromatiCraft Mod.

ChromatiCraft Mod

ChromatiCraft Mod

ChromatiCraft Mod

ChromatiCraft Mod also a mod in mod pack which made by Reika or it should be called one of his/her most interesting mod. Basically, this mod is like a large exploration-based magic relying on the power of the 16 colors of the crystal energy that will be added into the world of Minecraft. Different color, different traits which will be associated with each color. For example, from light to protection to agility. There are like 2 majors uses of this mod which the first one is to drive various devices which run on the energy containing of various applications. Also, it can be used to protect an area or even enhance the power of the other tools or machines. The other use of these crystal is to imbue yourself with magic powers which exactly mean like that. You are able to use these magic powers to protect and enhance yourself and could even help in the collection of items and experience.

As I mentioned that this ChromatiCraft Mod is like or based on exploration, so you must or need to explore stuff first and try out from the bottom to the top of this mod as it’s designed to be like up-level style that one should not be at high level of the top of this mod from the beginning which will ruin the aspect of the game.

ChromatiCraft Mod Main Features

  • The Large exploration-baed magic mod
  • This mod focuses on the power of the different colors of crystals
  • Each crystal has its own ability

ChromatiCraft Mod Pros and Cons


  • Those new things added like crystals will be the thing used to empower yourself or even casting a magic to protect the area or enhance things to be much more efficient and effective
  • The imbue yourself with the magic power system is really what most people have been looking for it and now you are going to play with it like a dream come true


  • Requirement of Minecraft Forge is kind of boring as you can see many other mods need this helping mod too.
  • This mod really requires you to do the exploration part first and climb up from the bottom to the top as it would improve the quality of the mod

How to install ChromatiCraft Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first as it’s really important to help stabilize your game and the mod
  2. Download ChromatiCraft Mod as a .zip file from the link given below
  3. Be sure to select and download the version most suitable to your game
  4. Search from the searching browser %appdata%/roaming/.minecraft/mods
  5. In the mods folder, just copy and paste the downloaded .zip file into the folder
  6. Everything is done and enjoy the game
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