CJB Mods Rebirth Mod for Minecraft 1.11.2/1.9.4/1.8.9/1.7.10

Hello! yes, come back meet again with CJB Mods Rebirth Mod. Okay guy! already today I has special article about highly popular game forever of Minecraft, that called CJB Mods RebirthWow! this is amazing mod. I rather sure that, there is ? not how many people have evered to hear this name CJB Mods Rebirth Mod come to before but for the fan game lover of “CJB”, I sure am that, you follow his work comes to good like and know him will improve and develop CJB Mods Rebirth better than original version, which be popular at this time. Right Now than…We will come to see that, now what is it has to develop?

CJB Mods Rebirth Mod

We will can observe that now it has to develop have the property that improves and have the latency in the work more and more. You will meet that monitor computer area while you are opening the game Minecraft, it has will to develop have the data and the procedure work that improve. Besides, the step will aforementioned still help to give you can fix the procedure about key menu choice supervision gets into trouble that easily go up. Whenever you will want to are usable, you only press the key for uses to listen open choice menu for see the data increases.

So, you can open and close the data that you can see easily. Nice! this the good news for a person who loves work adaptation of the game “Minecraft” that will help give the game is of good quality and receive great latency more and more. Now then great property still don’t be finished only, besides, it still can change or adjust and manage to modify show corner the information must be shown.

CJB Mods Rebirth Mod Main Features

  • Add new adjust and manage to modify show step of concentrate to stare data show at must can show

CJB Mods Rebirth Mod Main Changelogs

  • Update with new current Minecraft version
  • Added XP Info Tab
  • Fixed DayTime showing even disabled.

CJB Mods Rebirth Mod

CJB Mods Rebirth Mod Option

  • Time: Shows the in-game time.
  • Day: Shows what day it is in your currently world
  • LightLevel: Shows the LightLevel of the current block you’re on.
  • Biome: Shows the current biome you’re in.
  • FPS: Show your FPS without the use of F3
  • Arrow Amount: Shows the total amount of arrows you have in your inventory (Must have bow in hand)
  • Item Info: Show durability of damagable items
  • Coordinates: Shows the coordinates of your current position
  • Debuffs: Shows the debuffs effect
  • Mob Health: Shows a health bar above each mob, the red heart means that the animal is ready to make a baby.
  • Village Info: Shows information of the village you’re in. Villagers, Doors, Size, Reputation.
  • Slime Chunk: Shows when you are in a slime chunk
  • Weather: Shows when and how long it will be raining. when text turns aqua it means its raining.
  • Show Ores: Show the position of ore blocks even through other block (X-Ray)
  • Block Render Mode: Change how ore blocks should be rendered: Cube+Lines, Cube or Lines
  • Block Render Radius: Change the radius of how far ores should be rendered: 16,32,48,64,80,96,112,128
  • Show Spawn Area’s: Shows a panel above a block to indicates if a mob can spawn, green means lightlevel of the block is 8 or higher.
  • Show Mob X-Ray: Show mobs through walls, Red = Aggressive, Green = Non Aggressive.

How to install CJB Mods Rebirth Mod

  1. Downlaod and install Forge install
  2. Just Place CJB Mods Rebirth Mod Info.zip inside the mods folder and you’re done.
  3. Run you game of Minecraft
  4. Let’s fun!
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