Cobalt Mod

Are you guys geting tired while finding the diamonds to make the best tools and armors ? Some people would quit trying to get diamonds and use iron instead. Somehow iron without enhancing is not what you want. So this mod called Cobalt Mod will add new ore to the game which you can craft it to be other things like the other ore can. and its efficient is way better than iron. Why not check it out now!

Cobalt Mod

Cobalt Mod

Cobalt Mod will add new ore called Cobalt ore. It has an orange color, it may look like iron ore but, somehow it is brighter. It is about as rare as gold ore, and spawns at around the same elevation of gold ore, too (Elevation Y 30). You can get the Cobalt ingot by simply smelting the cobalt ore in a furnace in order to obtain. By the same way you craft the ore blocks, like iron, gold, or diamond block, you can also create Cobalt blocks also. Cobalt tools have an average durability which better than iron tools, can dig up blocks faster than iron, but yet slower than diamond tools. Cobalt armor is very useful and somehow very efficient armor in Minecraft. The gauge is more than iron which make the protection is way more better than iron, but still less than diamond armor. The cobalt armor will keep you safe from the monsters in the middle of the night. Also, its durability also lasts longer than iron. The cobalt ore is not too hard to find making it very useful armor.

Simple mods could be the best ones, and this one is an example of that. It just adds something that is really needed, a little bit of changes, and nothing more. Be sure to try this awesome Cobalt Mod out. Have fun !

Cobalt Mod Main Features

  • New ores added, ‘Cobalt’
  • New tools and armors crafted from Cobalt ingot added

Cobalt Mod Pros and Cons


  • Cobalt armor and tools are way better than iron
  • Cobalt ores are not too rare to find (Y:30)


  • Requires Forge to install

How to install Cobalt Mod

  1. First, you should have a clean minecraft.jar file
  2. Download and install the latest recommended Modloader
  3. Download Cobalt Mod and open the zip file up
  4. Open up your .minecraft by using search menu and type in ‘%appdata%
  5. Drag and drop the file in .zip into your mods folder
  6. Enjoy !
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