Colorfull Beds Mod

Have you ever built or crafted bed in the game Minecraft? If you have, you would definitely know that it looks interesting just only the first one, but when you make another one, it seems quite boring because there is nothing new about it! So, I have a little mod which will make those beds become a bit interesting. That mod is called Colorfull Beds Mod.

Colorfull Beds Mod

Colorfull Beds Mod this mod is just a little mod, but I think it is worth enough to spend a bit of your time download, install and play this mod! Let me explain in brief about this mod! This mod is all about bed! As you can see the picture above, do not judge it yet. This mod is what I have been finding for months! When you want to craft bed, you will have to find sheep and kill them right? Or maybe use the scissor to cut off their wool to get extras. Haven’t you ever wondered that when you craft bed with any wools, still the output is just a bed which has the same shape and color! There is nothing changed, not just a bit! So, this mod will solve those problems. All you have to do is just do the same crafting step, but if you want black bed colored, so you just have to dye the targeted sheep first to get black wool, then you are ready to craft black bed colored! As you know that how many dyes are in the world of Minecraft. Those can be applied to wool colors, then to the beds’ colors as well. Don’t you think it’s cool?

If you do find this mod interesting, cool, and useful, so be sure to give this awesome Colorfull Beds Mod a go! Those little feature that could bring your happiness back! Heavily recommended mod if you want a mod that does not contain so much details.

Colorfull Beds Mod Main Features

  • This mod basically adds in new crafting recipes for the bed with the color dye you want

Colorfull Beds Mod Pros and Cons


  • You can change your bed color with this mod!
  • Any color dye in the world can be applied into your bed as well
  • You will no more have to face with the same old color of the bed anymore!


  • This is a little mod which does not contain so much details
  • Some people might ignore the problems about the bed because it is not that important to focus with

How to install Colorfull Beds Mod

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge first which can be found here
  2. Download Colorfull Beds Mod from the link below, be sure to download the compatible version to your Minecraft
  3. Browse to %appdata% and look for .minecraft folder
  4. Look for mods folder and open it, if you don’t have it, just make one
  5. Simply put the whole file into this folder
  6. Done!
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